7 Of The Best YouTube Workouts To Try At Home

With almost 36,000,000 results for ‘Best YouTube Workouts,’ it can be hard to narrow down the ones that are really worth their while. So, we did the heavy lifting (!) for you and found seven of the best easy-to-follow, free and accessible routines for you try in the comfort of your home.

1. Shona Vertue’s 20-Minute Ab & Core Workout

With crystal clear instructions, Shona’s workouts are always incredibly easy to follow, ensuring you hit the right form every single time. This speedy ab and core workout is no exception and aims to target your obliques with exercises and moves that combine yoga and cardio. Plus, Shona is notorious for her fun persona that makes working out a genuine joy and never a chore, she understands realistic goals and keeps the moves short and brief so you’re more likely to stick with it. Check out the rest of her channel for full body routines and workouts that target a perky bum.

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2. ALO Yoga’s Beginner Power Vinyasa

For those wanting a workout that’s effective, but not too intense, tune into this fun yoga routine that teaches foundational skills, but still leaves you burning. Expect lots of downward dogs, twists and warrior poses with lots of stretching, too. And for something a little extra, follow this instructor on her Instagram page for daily inspiration and moves to try at home. 

3. Tone It Up’s 15-Minute Foam-Rolling Workout

While the first 20 seconds may seem a little too enthusiastic, stick with Steph – a Studio Tone It Up app trainer – who’s on hand to explain the benefits of foam rolling and how to do it correctly. If you think this seems obvious, test it out yourself and you’ll see just how helpful it is, as well as getting right down deep to unkink knotted muscles, you’ll also stretch out your thighs and core – a perfect one to try post-workout, having said that, it’s not an easy task by any stretch. 

4. MadFit’s 20-Minute Equipment-Free HIIT Workout

For those wanting a full-body workout that allows for maximum calorie burning, this is your answer. Certainly not for the faint-hearted, the moves are pretty intense and will have you sweating within the first five minutes. You’ll do each exercise in the routine for one full minute, including jumping-jack squats, Pilates and abs moves as well as triceps push-ups, mountain climbers and lunges. But the little timer on the screen makes the seconds seem much more manageable and keeps you motivated until you reach the finish line.

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5. Pop Sugar Fitness’ 30-Minute Body By Simone Dance Cardio Workout

Famous for getting some of the top A-listers in shape, Simone’s classes are usually only accessible at a fee of £35, but this fun workout is the exception to the rule. During the 30-minute session, you’ll warm up with some hip action and satisfying stretch moves. You’ll then begin the lively choreography (which you’ll likely feel more comfortable doing at home anyway), which helped us to burn nearly 300 calories, according to our FitBit.

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6. The Body Coach 15-Minute Kettlebell Workout

Still unsure how best to use kettlebells? This short 12-minute workout is your go-to guide. Combining kettlebell moves with lunges, stretches and arm swings, it’s a workout that’s guaranteed to blast fat and strengthen your body when done regularly. You can also take the moves you learn here with you to the gym, or stay in the comfort of your home to practice them – though be warned, it’s more intense than you think and you’ll likely be left swearing through the pain.

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7. Ballet Beautiful Mini Workouts

Led by Mary Helen Bowers (AKA the lady behind Natalie Portman’s figure and technique in Black Swan), these mini videos work everything from ankles, to thighs and bum. The moves are simple and straight forward so you can follow easily, but don’t be deceived – you’ll feel the burn the following day. Whether you want to target your core, upper body or practice your foot positioning, there really is something for everyone to try on this channel.

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