7 Workout Videos Just For Abs

7 Workout Videos Just For Abs

You don’t need loads of time or money to work on your core. In fact, you don’t even have to leave the house. YouTube and Instagram are bursting with free videos to suit every workout whim. We’ve tried, tested and toned – and can confirm these are seven of the very best for engaging those abs.



5-Minute Ab Blitz With Janine George

One of the glossier videos on the list, this is a brilliantly fast workout from Sweaty Betty. Led by PT and Third Space instructor Janine, it features all the moves you’d expect: side planks, mountain climbers and a whole lot of boat pose. As with all of the videos on this list, even when they stipulate that no equipment is required, a yoga mat or towel to lie on for hard floors is pretty essential.

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4-Minute Ab Challenge With Marine Noret

Can doing just eight moves in four minutes really make a difference when it comes to toning? We’d argue yes, definitely. It may be short but this Adidas video with presenter Marine certainly isn’t sweet. You’ve got Russian twists, reverse bicycle crunches and spider planks to contend with. Time-strapped tough cookies, this is for you.

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The Swiss Ball Workout With Maddy & Alex Weaver

The exercise ball in the corner that you’ve artfully draped in soft furnishings? Time to dust it off. Two of the world’s most genetically blessed sisters (aka @soulsistersfitness) show you exactly how to use it to give your abs a serious challenge. There are three different moves to do, each one taking just 30 seconds. Then simply repeat each set three to five times.

The Six-Minute HIIT and Abs Workout With Bowflex

Six minutes sounds quick, but believe us when we say you’ll feel every single second. In a good way. You’ve got two circuits to complete, each featuring alternating cardio and abdominal moves. The cardio move you’ll do for 30 seconds to elevate your heart rate: think mountain climbers, squat jumps and burpees. Then your recovery will be 30 seconds of plank, standing ab crunches and jabs.


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The 10-Minute Flat-Belly Barre Workout

Pop Sugar Fitness host Anna Renderer is notoriously upbeat – and notoriously into feel-good feedback. So save this one for your less cynical days. This workout is led by barre instructor Jake DuPree, so even though there’s an awful lot of core work (14 moves in ten minutes) the ballet element is a welcome distraction.

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HIIT & Abs: The Body Coach Beginner Workout Series

Joe Wicks takes no prisoners. We know this. But because he does this session over 15 minutes, there’s a little more recovery time than in the speedier ones. You’ll tick off the usual squat thrusts and mountain climbers, but save some energy for his borderline evil burpees, which involve no jumping but destroy you with a sneaky push-up at the end.

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Six Ab Exercises With Natacha Oceane

One of the many things we love about Natacha is that she doesn’t pretend it’s easy, and pulls all the same faces we do. We also love her because she posts her workouts on Instagram – with super-detailed instructions in her captions. So you can almost prep for your video and know what’s coming. If you don’t have resistance bands, skip step two and double up on those brutal Russian bicycle twists instead.

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