8 Of The Best Online Ab Workouts

8 Of The Best Online Ab Workouts

Whatever your workout of choice, it pays to think about your core. Whether you’re pounding the pavements or lifting weights, having strong, engaged abs equals better performance and reduced risk of injury, as well as better posture and leaner lines. From barre to HIIT, these are the online workouts we rate…


With a more than a million followers on Instagram, Canadian Maddie Lymburner is the queen of at-home fitness and her abs workouts come highly rated. From speedy ten-minute lower belly sessions to longer, twenty-minute total core workouts, there’s plenty of variety – try adding them onto your regular workout for supercharged results. Some workouts encourage the use of dumbbells, but there are plenty of bodyweight options for those without, too. Championing a stronger core – not just visible abs – Maddie’s approach is realistic and one we can get on board with. 

THE DETAILS: All MadFit workouts are free of charge – find them on Instagram and YouTube.

Visit MaddieLymburner.com 


If you’re looking to invest in some at-home fitness kit, you can’t go wrong with TRX. Similar to a resistance band, TRX training works multiple muscles and joints simultaneously as it relies on your own bodyweight and gravity for power. By using your core to stabilise pretty much every move, the TRX is a sure-fire solution to a more toned tummy. With the official TRX app, expect real-time, in-ear audio coaching and personalised workout programmes. Our top tip? Connect your smartwatch to the app to monitor heart rate and VO2 max, ensuring workout recommendations progress as you improve over time.

THE DETAILS: Download the official TRX app on the App Store – the app is only available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Your first 14 days are free; programmes from £1.99 thereafter.

Visit TRXTraining.co.uk


Proof that sit-ups aren’t the only way to tone your core, P.volve’s cult system targets the core from all angles. Using dynamic and functional movements – think plank steps, knee extends and ‘hinge and twists’ – you’ll forge a deeper level of connection to active the core and create visible definition. With over 300 streaming workouts available on the platform, of which 138 have an abs focus, P.volve wins on the variety front, and guarantees serious results. There’s even an intense, four-part abs bundle, available to buy separately for £8 for a real core boost.

THE DETAILS: Your first 14 days are free, but you’ll need to buy some basic P.volve kit to get going.

Visit PVolve.com

BEST FOR RUNNERS: Onetrack Mobility & Core

Headed up by Equinox Precision Running coach Anthony ‘Fletch’ Fletcher, virtual run club Onetrack is on a mission to make you a better runner. As well as a variety of interval runs held throughout the week – aimed at building speed and endurance – dedicated Mobility & Core sessions will enhance your six-pack and your stride. Remember – your core is what holds you upright when sprinting and running. Targeting the upper and lower abs and obliques, expect a science-backed approach from Fletch, one of the capital’s top running coaches and biomechanics experts.

THE DETAILS: All OneTrack sessions work on a ‘pay what you can’ basis. Mobility & Core sessions take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Visit OneTrack.Club


Kayla Itsines’ very own rock-hard core serves as serious inspo for more than 12.5m followers on Instagram. If it’s real results you’re after, sign up to SWEAT, one of the online fitness world’s biggest communities. Users are encouraged to complete four resistance sessions per week (alongside cardio and recovery), a couple of which will focus solely on the core. You’ll soon be a pro when it comes to planks, Russian twists, mountain climbers, flutter kicks and more, and with each workout lasting no longer than 28 minutes, there’s no excuse not to get your Kayla fix. 

THE DETAILS: New customers who choose a monthly subscription are eligible for a free trial period; from £16.24 per month thereafter.

Visit KaylaItsines.com

BEST FOR A CHALLENGE: Six Pack in 30 Days

Don’t be put off by the slightly masculine branding – this fuss-free app is ideal for those serious about sculpting their midsection. With programmes dedicated to beginners and pros alike, expect 30 days of scientifically proven, core-focused workouts. The intensity amps up as you progress throughout the 30 days, meaning you’re constantly challenging new muscles and building endurance. Based on the high-intensity circuit training principle, this is the perfect way to kick-start a fitness rut. Plus, no equipment is required – it’s all down to your bodyweight.

THE DETAILS: The app is free, but it’s worth paying the £4.59 to get rid of the ads and for other premium content. 

Available to download from The App Store here.

BEST FOR BARRE FANS: Barrecore Arms & Abs

Designed to target muscles you didn’t know existed, Barrecore’s legendary classes are now online. A combination of Pilates, barre and low-impact cardio, each and every move is designed to fatigue the muscles to increase strength and build lean muscle. A ballet-Pilates hybrid may sound like a graceful way to spend 45 minutes but don’t be fooled – Barrecore’s Arms & Abs sessions will leave every muscle shaking and are guaranteed to make you break a sweat. After dozens of side planks, abs curls, v-sits and more, you’ll be grateful for the blissful savasana at the end. 

THE DETAILS: Your first Barre Live class is free, £15/week thereafter for unlimited classes or £6 for one-off sessions. All classes are streamed over Zoom. 

Visit Barrecore.com


Psycle’s studios may have re-opened but for those outside of London or happy working out from home, their online offering continues to impress. With new workouts added daily, there’s a strong focus on building strength, and with ‘Fit in 30’ sessions specifically aimed at toning the core, and 45-minute barre classes dedicated to the abs, there’s something for everyone. The Psycle team have been uploading workouts since the start of lockdown, so be sure to scroll back through the IGTV grid for even more content – Aaron’s 30-minute Abs Blast and Minnie’s Core Yoga Flow are also SL favourites.

THE DETAILS: All classes on IGTV are free of charge.

Visit PsycleLondon.com

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