9 Of The Best Online Lower Body Workouts

9 Of The Best Online Lower Body Workouts

If you’re tired of the same old squats and lunges, it’s time to mix things up. With some of the capital’s hottest studios going online and in-demand trainers hosting live workouts, getting toned from the comfort of your own home has never been so easy. From barre workouts to strength sessions, these are the lower body workouts we rate…


Designed to target muscles you didn’t know existed, Psycle’s legendary barre classes are now online. A combination of Pilates and barre with low-impact cardio, resistance and conditioning, these 45-minute classes work wonders to strengthen and lengthen the quads, calves and hamstrings. While not lower-body specific, the studio’s signature barre workout will leave your thighs and bottom shaking, but if you’re looking for even more of a burn, try Beth’s 30-minute Legs & Core class. 

DETAILS: Classes are streamed live @PsycleLondon and saved on its IGTV – all workouts are free of charge.

Visit PsycleLondon.com 


KXU’s online iteration offers the same results-driven workouts and skilled instruction as the luxe studio’s renowned classes. Whether you’re after a speedy 30-minute lower bodyweight HIIT workout, an Extreme Sculpt session with Paola’s Body Barre, or a legs-focused TRX class, there’s something for everyone. Membership also gives you exclusive access to the KXU store, where you can buy tricky-to-find dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and more.

DETAILS: Membership is £20 a month for unlimited access. New classes are added regularly.

Visit KXU.co.uk


Spearheaded by a former professional dancer, the Louisa Drake Method (aka LDM) fuses yoga, Pilates, ballet and strength training for the ultimate lower body workout. You’ll need some basic kit to get going – think resistance bands, light weights and a Pilates ball – but this can all be bought via the LDM website. Proof that strength training needn’t involve heavy weights, this A-list approved workout will sculpt lean, long limbs and a perkier bottom in no time.

DETAILS: A single live class, held via Zoom, will set you back £7. Workouts are also available to buy and download to stream in your own time.

Visit LouisaDrake.com


She’s responsible for the honed physiques of everyone from Karlie Kloss to Taylor Swift. Now Simone de la Rue is offering BBS online workouts that span dance cardio and trampoline cardio to help streamline and tone. Each workout is just 20 minutes, making them perfect for busy days, and focuses on specific areas of the body. Classes designed for the hips, thighs and bum are among some of the more challenging BBS workouts – you’ll build strength and endurance, burn calories and reduce your risk of injury when it comes to other high-impact workouts like running.

DETAILS: Your first 14 days are free; from £11.50 a month thereafter.

Visit BodyBySimone.com or follow @BBSStudio


Squat, press and lunge your way to the strongest version of you with Third Space’s Lift classes. By focusing on the legs and bum – some of the biggest muscles in the body – this class will raise your heart rate, torch calories and build strength. Expect first-rate instruction and plenty of goblet squats, single leg deadlifts, lunges and more. If you’re looking to take your recovery to the next level, Third Space is also offering online medical and physiotherapy consultations. 

DETAILS: Lift is on Sundays at 10am via Instagram. All Third Space workouts are free of charge, although you’ll need some heavy dumbbells or kettlebells. Recorded classes from the past three months are available on the Third Space IGTV. 

Visit ThirdSpace.London or follow @ThirdSpaceLondon

BEST FOR A CHALLENGE: Fiit Abs & Glutes Programme

Fiit is on a mission to make fitness addictive and accessible. Via an interactive app, it brings boutique workouts to your living room, connecting to your TV and beaming in some of the UK’s most in-demand trainers. For those who need a little motivation, this four-week plan consists of three or four 25-minute classes covering everything from yoga and Pilates to HIIT and strength training. Whether you’re looking to set a new running PB or simply improve mobility, this expert-approved programme will set you on your way.

DETAILS: Your first 14 days are free; from £10 a month thereafter. Membership comes with a heart-rate monitor strap – ideal for unleashing your inner competitive streak.

Visit Fiit.tv

BEST FOR YOUR BUM: Flex Chelsea Peach For The Beach

Designed to maximise activation and strength of the glutes using resistance bands and bodyweight, this derriere-focused workout is your short cut to a more toned and sculpted lower body. Resistance bands work in a similar way to dumbbells, forcing your muscles to contract to generate force. Plus, the tension on a band is constant, meaning your muscles are constantly fired up. This 55-minute workout will leave you full of endorphins and, by supporting back strength via the glutes, will also help improve posture in the long term.

DETAILS: All classes are streamed via Zoom; individual classes start from £8.

Visit FlexChelsea.com

BEST FOR PRE & POST-NATAL: Bumps & Burpees

London-based post-natal fitness expert, gymnastics champion and founder of Bumps & Burpees, Charlie Launder is the name to know for supporting your body through motherhood. Charlie is currently offering one-to-one online sessions, but if your budget doesn’t stretch to a PT, her IGTV is full of on-demand workouts, plenty of which are lower-body focused. They’re designed to reduce backache and improve posture, both of which are crucial during pregnancy and beyond. Charlie’s Instagram feed is also full of lower body inspiration – if you’re stuck in a rut with your dumbbells or bodyweight moves, you’ll find plenty of motivation here. 

DETAILS: Tune into the Bumps & Burpees IGTV to stream classes at home; all workouts are free of charge.

Visit BumpsAndBurpees.com or follow @BumpsAndBurpees


The workout of choice for Victoria’s Secret models, P.volve offers body-sculpting, muscle-honing classes with its distinctive kit – think inflatable balls that strap to your inner thighs, gliders and ankle weights. P.volve uses micro-movements and dynamic exercises to activate the glutes, moving in three planes of motion to ignite underused muscles and transform the body from head to toe. Promising not only a stronger lower body but also tighter abs, better posture and muscular symmetry, this workout is one to try.

DETAILS: Your first 14 days are free, but you’ll need to buy some basic P.volve kit to get going.

Visit PVolve.com

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