How To Master The Resistance Band

A small but mighty piece of equipment, resistance bands are a great way to fire up muscles for a full-body workout. The perfect method to incorporate into your at-home strength training routine, learn the basics with 1Rebel coach Bryony Thompson…

Bent-Over Row

TARGETS: Upper back, glutes and hamstrings

  1. Use a medium-strength long (non-looped) resistance band and loop it around your hands.

  2. Stand with your feet hip distance apart – for more resistance, widen your stance.

  3. Hinge from the hips, keeping your back flat and pull the elbows in tight to your chest.

  4. Drive the arms up, hold for three seconds at the top, pulling the shoulder blades together.

  5. Brace your abs at the top and slowly release. Aim for around 10-12 reps.


Glute Bridge

TARGETS: Abs, glutes and hamstrings

  1. Take a looped band and place it around your legs just above your knees.

  2. Take the feet slightly wider than hip distance apart.

  3. Push your heels into the ground, tuck the hips under and push the hips up, squeezing your bum at the top.

  4. At the top, push the knees apart and then slowly bring down.

  5. After around 12 reps, pulse the knees open at the top for added burn.


Dead Bug

TARGETS: Activates the core

  1. Place a looped resistance band around the top of your knees.

  2. Keep your spine flat on the floor, pulling the bellybutton to the floor.

  3. Lift your legs into a tabletop position, trying to keep your shoulders raised to keep the core engaged.

  4. Push one foot out while you pull the other knee in, and rotate. Aim for 12-15 reps.


Overhead Press

TARGETS: Arms and shoulders

  1. If using a looser band, stand with two feet flat on the floor; if it’s a tighter band, one foot will suffice.

  2. Bicep curl the band up, keeping your elbows tight before rotating and pushing up.

  3. Move slowly on the way down, and release. Aim for 8-10 reps.

Master the moves here with Bryony – either repeat this sequence two or three times for a full-body burn or incorporate into your favourite bodyweight workout…

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