This Month’s Health & Wellbeing List

From gym equipment to help you sculpt and tone to a first-of-its-kind meditation app, here’s what’s exciting in the world of health and wellbeing this March…
By Tor West

Fini Cooper

The founder of The Breath Way, Fini Cooper is one of the UK’s leading breathwork practitioners. She’s on a mission to bring breathwork to the masses, believing it has the power to reduce anxiety and regulate the nervous system. Fini found breathwork after her own struggles with trauma and mental health – she says it was the missing piece after years of talking therapy – and now offers 1-2-1 sessions at Re:Mind in Victoria (find her there every Tuesday at 1pm and 5pm). She’s also about to launch a five-week online course, Release and Re-Align, to help you master breathwork and create your own practice for better all-round health. 



From brain function to sleep to energy levels, good health starts in the gut. But without adequate levels of fibre, our gut struggles to do its job. Given 90% of us don’t eat enough fibre, Myota’s powder supplements provide a simple way to top up your levels. Made with low-FODMAP ingredients, the Gut Booster is suitable for sensitive stomachs and restores gut bacteria, improves digestion and targets bloating, wind and constipation, while the Immunity Booster supports the gut bacteria responsible for regulating your immune system. There’s also a blend for metabolic and heart health. One scoop a day is all you need – add to drinks, porridge or smoothies.  



Having experienced their own share of hormonal issues – from painful periods to postpartum depression – the founders of SABI are determined to support other women with their plant-based skincare and herbal infusions. Made with medically vetted prebiotics, adaptogens and other hormone-supporting nutrients, its skincare will nurture the dermal microbiome, while the herbal infusions will nurture your hormones and aid recovery in key moments throughout your cycle. We can’t get enough of the Sleep & Anxiety tea, an aromatic blend with lavender, oat and chamomile. 



If you’re someone who struggles with meditation but is keen to reap the benefits, keep OPO on your radar. A first-of-its-kind meditation experience, OPO blends guided eyes-open meditation with science-supported soundscapes and real-life views to help you connect with the world around you and, at the same time, cultivate inner stillness, create more energy and fast track into relaxation mode. Immersive and deeply relaxing, the layers of meditation, sound frequencies, tones and techniques have been designed to stimulate specific parts of the brain to restore and revive.  

Visit OPO.World


Take your home workouts to the next level with Fittle. A sustainably made, beautifully designed, customisable workout bench, the Fittle box contains all the equipment you need to transform your space into a gym. With the ability to hold up to 75kg of equipment – think weight plates, loadable dumbbells, barbells and a mat – it offers endless workout possibilities. You can use the box itself to sit, lie or step on, and it even comes with a travel pouch, containing resistance tubes and bands, sliders and a skipping rope. The box also connects to an app that offers personalised workout programmes. 



A superfood supplement with a difference, Erba’s three formulas are packed with science-backed adaptogens and nootropics to balance the body and improve wellness. Founded by a gut health expert and functional medicine doctor, the plant-powered supplements are flavourless and can be added to any drink at any time of the day. We can’t get enough of Woke + Focus, a nootropic caffeine alternative that contains energy-boosting ginseng and cordyceps, vitamins B and C for improved mood, lion’s mane for focus and rhodiola for reduced anxiety. 



With its imaginative chef-made meal kits, Planthood is making a plant-based diet more accessible than ever. If you’re someone who is actively trying to cut down on meat, or looking for new ways to incorporate vegetables, wholegrains and legumes into your diet, Planthood has done the hard work for you, cooking mains, sauces and garnishes from scratch. All you need to do is reheat and add the finishing touches, which always takes 15 minutes or less. We can confirm the meals are both delicious and nutritionally on point – think creamy vegetable kormas, gnocchi with porcini and lentil ragu, and vegan shakshuka with whipped tahini, dukkah and garlic flatbread.



Scent your space in minutes at the touch of a button with Bamford’s new electronic diffuser. The compact, portable atomiser uses waterless technology to gently disperse essential oils into its surroundings, filling your home with your chosen scent. Choose from De-Stress, with notes of restorative bergamot and fig leaf; Revive, designed to awaken the body and invigorate the mind; or Balance, with soothing neroli and cedar to relieve tension. The warm white, low-level LED light emitted by the diffuser only adds to the calming environment. 


Strong Pilates

Having taken Australia by storm over the last three years, Strong Pilates is now set to open its first UK studio in Islington, with locations in Holborn and Fulham to follow. The high-intensity yet low-impact combination of Pilates, rowing and strength-based training is guaranteed to sculpt a stronger body and supercharge fitness levels. Each class is 45 minutes, focusing on either upper body, lower body, core, obliques, or a combination of all four. First-timers can get ten days of unlimited classes for £49 – for a limited time only. 


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