My Little Black Book Of Health & Fitness: Catie Miller
My Little Black Book Of Health & Fitness: Catie Miller

My Little Black Book Of Health & Fitness: Catie Miller

A competitive dancer turned showgirl, Catie Miller has been dancing since she was three. Today, she heads up Barre Series, a workout with a holistic edge – so it stands to reason she knows where to go and what not to bother with in the world of health and wellness. From favourite treatments to the therapists she loves, we asked her to share the names and places she relies on time and again.
By Tor West

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For Sculpting Fine Lines…
“Barre is my go-to workout. It has supported and changed my perspective on health and wellness throughout many moments of my live. I used to be a professional dancer and, since conditioning and training through barre and having two children, I’m in the best shape of my life, physically and mentally. The beauty of barre – and one of the pillars behind Barre Series – is that even ten or 15 minutes a day can make a difference. It’s all about consistency. Plus, it’s suitable for everyone at all stages of life. It can be scaled up with cardio bursts if you’re looking for a challenge, but can also be scaled back during pregnancy to keep you strong. I recently had a client in her 60s share with me that on a recent visit to her doctor her for a DEXA scan, her bone density had improved significantly since doing barre. Barre Series is now hosting live classes at our Mayfair studio, but you can join us on Zoom, too.

For Pilates…
“New York has an indescribable energy, and the New York Pilates studio will forever be one of my favourites. Book in for a workout you won’t forget – the reformer classes are challenging, but incredible. The atmosphere and aesthetic is like nothing else.” 

For Finding Headspace…
“When I’m not teaching clients, you’ll find me walking my dogs on Hampstead Heath. The heath is a treasure and, once you’re there, you feel as if you’re in the country. My two dogs need lots of walking, so my mornings and evenings are peppered with walks on Hampstead Heath. It’s a ritual I deeply enjoy and one that allows me to clear my head and move my body in a gentle way.”

For Post-Workout Recovery…
“My favourite Aussie chef, Bill Granger, has just opened a Granger & Co on Marylebone High Street, and this has become my go-to for a post-class breakfast. I love the sweetcorn fritters with avocado. I’m a big coffee fan, and always pick up an oat cappuccino when I’m walking past HR Higgins on Duke Street. The roastery has been based in Mayfair since WWII – I love that it has a story.”

For Activewear…
“I’m always in activewear – I love clean lines and beautiful colours. Bandier and Carbon 38 are my favourite online shopping experiences. Through their visuals and curated collections, they can tell a story that creates an entire look, and their collections always inspire me. My go-to brands are Silou, Varley and Live The Process. They all hit the mark season after season.”


Osteopathy has given me a BROADER PERSPECTIVE ON MY HEALTH. I book in once a month to realign my mental and physical health.

For Gym Accessories…
“I love everything about Bala. The ankle and wrist weights are a game-changer as they are so versatile. Wrap them around your wrists for an upper body sequence and, for a challenge, move them to your ankles during a lower body set to make the glutes and hamstrings work harder.”

For Deep Tissue Massage
“Self-care is important to me, and once a month I carve out time for a deep tissue or sports massage. Not only do they boost circulation to aid muscle recovery, but they reduce stress levels and balance mood, which ensure my performance and stamina for teaching classes stays at its peak, as well as having optimum amounts of energy to run around after my kids. A relaxing massage doesn’t get better than Cowshed in Primrose Hill. I’ll either book in for the Swedish-style Signature Massage or, if I’m feeling tight and sore, the Deep Tissue Massage, which is done with just the right amount of pressure to release built-up tension.” 



For Chinese Medicine…
“Chinese medicine is a natural healing system used by millions of people for thousands of years. Hua Ren Tang on Edgware Road is my go-to – it’s been there since the 90s and offers everything from traditional Chinese medicine consultations to acupuncture and cupping.”

For Osteopathy…
Boniface Verney-Carron is an excellent osteopath. He’s given me a broader perspective on my health, for which I am so grateful. He assesses the body as a whole by looking at the nervous system, circulation, psyche and digestion. He now treats both my children, my husband and many of my clients. I see him once a month to realign my mental and physical health.”

For Holistic Facials…
“I swear by Donna Ryan, known to some as The Facial Goddess. It’s an incredible facial that uses gua sha to release toxins and stagnation from the skin – I always leave glowing and deeply relaxed. It’s a next-level experience for both your skin and your mind as it releases energetic blockages and dissolves tension. The energy Donna provides throughout the session realigns body, mind and soul. She’s based on Charlotte Place in Fitzrovia.”


For A Spa Day…
“On a day off from teaching, booking in for a spa day at Aire is the biggest treat. It’s one of London’s best-kept wellness secrets – a true hidden gem. Within its historic location, you’ll find candles lighting the way to thermal baths and the selection of bespoke treatments is impressive. The atmosphere is so calming and peaceful – you’d have no idea you’re in central London.”

For Beauty Products…
“Does it get better than Space NK? I’m a skincare junkie and am always topping up my stores. I love starting the day with my Mio Skincare dry body brush – it’s a great way to stimulate lymph flow – and swear by Aesop’s geranium leaf body cleanser in the shower. In the evening, I love adding a few drops of Aromatherapy Associates’ ‘Deep Relax’ bath oil to my bath and cleanse my face with The Organic Pharmacy’s Carrot Butter Cleanser.

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