The Reformer Pilates Studios To Know About
The Reformer Pilates Studios To Know About

The Reformer Pilates Studios To Know About

A low-impact workout that builds flexibility, strength and stability – while sculpting long, lean and toned muscles – reformer Pilates ticks all the boxes. Whether you’re looking for a beginner class or a private one-to-one, here are the studios worth a visit.
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A mainstay on the capital’s fitness scene since 2007, Heartcore is where those in -the know go for reformer classes that build a powerful, toned body. There are now seven studios across London, all serving up the same formula of Pilates with a yoga twist – a unique mind-body combination that helps you move your body in a more mindful way. Beginners should start with a Find Your Flow group session that’s taught at a pace that allows you to grasp the principles and flow of the Heartcore method. If you’re a Pilates pro, book in for its signature class, or if you’re expecting, sign up to its two-part prenatal series.


Bootcamp Pilates

Classes at Bootcamp Pilates are small, with around ten machines in each class, meaning you’ll receive the very best training. Classes are split by level and instructors are constantly tweaking your technique and pushing you to get the most from your body. As the name suggests, classes here are tough, but stick with it and you’ll reap the results in no time. As well as a stronger core, Bootcamp Pilates will teach you how to use the reformer to elongate the spine, joints and muscles, leading to improved flexibility, strength, stamina and a more balanced posture. Studios are located in Richmond and Notting Hill.  



Psycle might be best known for its spin and yoga classes, but its Reformer X classes – available solely at its Oxford Circus studio – are the ones to try if you’re looking for a full-body workout that fuses Pilates, yoga and strength training. The dynamic movements and challenging bodyweight exercises will push your muscles to their limits and elevate your heart rate, providing an effective workout that will quickly build flexibility, balance and strength. Like Psycle’s other classes, expect uplifting playlists and motivating instructors.   


Pi Studios

Battersea-based Pi Studios is for those who take Pilates seriously. Specialising in classical Pilates, classes are small and led by friendly teachers who are passionate about bringing your body back into balance. One of the first classical studios in the UK, Pi remains true to its roots – classes focus on the reformer to iron out creases in the body by working on increased flexibility and stability, renewing alignment and a return to more efficient movement. You’ll also use lesser-known equipment, like the tower and wunda chair. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, a keen runner or a desk-bound worker, Pi won’t disappoint.


Pilates In The Clouds

If you’re on a mission to sculpt a stronger body, get in touch with Lauren, the founder of Notting Hill-based Pilates in the Clouds. With no website or street front, this studio is word-of-mouth only, and while there’s currently a two-month waiting list, you can expect reformer training like no other. Lauren’s clients include principal dancers of the Royal Ballet and A-list actors, and her background in both classical and evolved Pilates (which focuses on building strength and endurance in athletes) guarantees a one-to-one session like no other. Expect to be pushed to your limits, with an incredible view of London’s skyline.  

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Inspired by the New York fitness scene, KARVE’s endurance-based workouts centre around building slow-twitch muscle fibres to kickstart the metabolism and increase strength. The studio’s reformers are next level, featuring more cut-outs and handles on and around the bed to allow for speedier transitions and endless positions. The workout itself is intense – and certainly not for first timers – but gentle on the joints. The low-impact movements will raise your heart rate and endorphin levels – commit to a couple of sessions each week and you’ll see results. Each session is bookended with five minutes of breathwork, too. 

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Specialising in rehabilitation, Ten Health & Fitness is where people come to really learn about their bodies. The beginner class is a good introduction to the reformer, while intermediate sessions offer a step up in pace and intensity. You’ll also find advanced classes for a faster flow, prenatal classes to promote an easier labour and faster recovery, and Ten Stretch, the studio’s hero class that relieves tension and aids recovery through deep stretches on the reformer. As the name suggests, classes are limited to ten people, so expect plenty of hands-on coaching. If the reformer isn’t for you, Ten also offers mat classes.


Exhale Pilates

Embodying the core principles created by Joseph Pilates, each class at Exhale Pilates – whether a group or private session – uses traditional equipment to transform the body. At its studios in Primrose Hill and North Finchley, you’ll find reformers, towers complete with chains and coils, wunda chairs and barrels, and electric chairs, meaning no two sessions will ever be the same. Founder Gaby Noble trained as a classical Pilates instructor and opened the studio after Pilates helped her recover from a car accident. Expect first-class, hands-on training and unparalleled results.



While most hotel gyms have a strict guests-only policy, Nobu Portman Square is open for all. Headed up by top trainer Marsha Lindsay, its Pilates offering, is what you need to hone a sculpted physique. The signature Power class is fast flowing, integrating HIIT with jump-board choreography, while the Precision class offers a full-body workout by using time under tension across every muscle group for speedy results. There’s also Pure, a masterclass in the traditional Joseph Pilates method. Private one-to-one training is also available.


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