The SL Directory: Run Coaches
The SL Directory: Run Coaches

The SL Directory: Run Coaches

Whether you’re keen to make a start with training for next year’s London Marathon, or want to take your running to the next level, enlisting the support of a running coach could be a smart investment. Here are the names that come highly recommended.
By Tor West

Lillie Bleasdale

An elite athlete who only last weekend got a PB at the Berlin Marathon, Lillie has several qualifications under her belt. As well as being a Boston Marathon qualified athlete, she’s also a level 3 PT, sports conditioning specialist and pre- and post-natal expert passionate about making you a stronger runner. Her key philosophy is that to be faster and more efficient, we need to build strength and resilience. Through bespoke weekly training, regular check-ins and strength and yoga sessions, Lillie will help you reach your goals, whether you’re looking to run your first 5km or qualify for the bucket list race of your dreams.  


Anthony Fletcher

A biomechanics coach with over 20 years of experience training fitness professionals, teams and global fitness brands, Anthony Fletcher – aka Fletch – is a coach with a difference. The founder of OneTrack, which offers weekly sessions on the Duke of York run track, Fletch is also available for one-to-one coaching for those seeking next-level guidance. Offering sessions in London and Farnham, as well as online, Fletch will set you up with a bespoke plan tailored to your goals, including the breakdowns of each run, mobility and strength sessions. Driven by data, he’ll keep an eye on your stats after each run to give you feedback, and, most importantly, will give you more confidence as a runner by instilling self-belief.  

Visit OneTrack.Club

Arj Thiruchelvam

For more than 18 years, Arj has been leading the way when it comes to performance coaching, maximising performance in everyone from beginners through to Olympic athletes. A qualified UK Athletics sprint and jumps coach, Arj is a science junkie, passionate about following the latest research to dictate his coaching. After an initial call, he’ll set you up with a plan, with personalised workouts delivered directly to your fitness tracker or phone. Exercise data is automatically recorded and streamed ahead of a weekly check-in with Arj. To ensure you’re fuelling your body properly for optimal results, he offers nutrition coaching too.  


Omar Mansour

Having trained under GB coaches and competing at a club level, Omar harnesses his athletic background to coach all his clients, regardless of their fitness level. A highly regarded running coach, he’ll help you set realistic goals and give you the means to achieve them through the right training. He’ll also keep you motivated and give you a boost if certain sessions don’t go as planned, and if you aren’t racing to your full potential, Omar will help you find out why. He’ll also get to the bottom of recurrent injuries and niggles, leaving no stone unturned from a lifestyle perspective. There’s currently a waitlist for sessions with Omar, although spaces are open for online coaching.


Ben Parker

An Ironman turned ultramarathon runner and running coach, Ben provides world-class training and coaching for those looking for real results. Ben now dedicates most of his time to Runna – the app he set up in 2021 to make personalised running coaching more accessible – but still trains select clients. If you can’t book in with him, the rest of the Runna team come highly recommended, and the app is a game-changer, whether you want to run a faster 5k, are training for your first 10k, or want to get the ball rolling with training for a half or full marathon. The team are also on hand for any questions you’ll have – from running form and technique to nutrition and injuries. 



Hannah Walsh

An ultramarathon may seem like a daunting feat, but Hannah Walsh is on a mission to give women the skills and confidence to get to the starting line of an endurance race and help them see what they’re truly capable of. Helping you build a stronger body and become a more efficient runner, Hannah will not only personalise your training, but will help you balance training around the daily juggle and ensure you’re getting the most out of your time. She’s on hand 24/7 for support – feedback how you found a session and she’ll work with you to adjust future workouts – and you’ll have a monthly online 60-minute check-in, too. Hannah will also provide invaluable advice on kit and give you access to an online community of other female ultramarathoners.  


Sabrina Pace-Humphreys

The founder of Black Trail Runners, Sabrina is not only passionate about increasing representation and inclusion within running, but is also an advocate of trail running for mental health. Whether you’re new to trail running or an experienced runner looking to hone technique, Black Trail Runners aims to provide a safe space for Black men and women looking to connect and progress in their running journey. Sabrina is based in the Cotswolds, but get in touch with her for more information on coaching packages and online availability. 


Emma Kirk-Odunubi

Whether you’re looking for structure and guidance for your next running event, or have a personal distance goal you want to achieve, Emma has over a decade of experience in helping coach runners conquer everything from 100km ultras to their first 5k. From being a Wattbike ambassador to teaching treadmill classes at Third Space, Emma knows all there is to know about running. Her 1:1 coaching starts with a gait analysis to maximise running efficiency, followed by personalised workouts, including running and strength sessions, which she says is the key to seeing results and staying injury free. Emma offers a range of packages – get in touch with her for more information.


Rory Knight

A Technogym master trainer and run coach for Nike, Rory is an elite fitness expert renowned for his innovative training techniques. The co-founder of Track Life LDN – the popular London-based run club known for its challenging, but effective, method of intervals, sprints and drills – Rory has been known to shave minutes off PBs. He focuses on the mindset, too, and prides himself on his ability to unlock anyone’s athletic potential, even if you’ve never run further than a 5k. He’ll also give you a helping hand with your diet, with personalised nutrition plans that’ll enable you to build lean muscle and supercharge performance.   


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