Why You Should Try A New Gymnastics-Inspired Workout

Why You Should Try A New Gymnastics-Inspired Workout

Figures for gymnastics-style classes are soaring. With handstands, balance beams and muscle-ups on the rings, they offer a total body workout that is said to burn as much body fat as traditional fitness classes – without knackering your joints in the process. Rory McEntee, Brand & Marketing Director of Gymbox, explains the beauty of this new regime – and why it’s all about having fun…

They Burn Calories Fast

At gymnastics classes, you can expect everything from beams to vaults, as well as lots of swinging, climbing and jumping. Classes incorporate simple movement patterns, yet these moves are the type you wouldn’t normally do, so you can expect some serious calorie burning – almost 40% more than other traditional classes offer. While the moves sound daunting, it’s worth noting that you don’t have to be an Olympic pro – it’s about building up your skills, boosting confidence and strengthening your body in the process. 

You’ll Have Fun Doing It

If you can remember back to being a kid and enjoying PE, you’ll know that it never felt like exercise, and it was purely for the enjoyment. Gymnasium-style classes tap back into that nostalgic time – they’re all about making fitness fun again. It’s ideal for those wanting to try something new and step out their comfort zone while bonding with others. While there are some great, very challenging classes around, there are some gym goers that don’t always want the serious take on getting fit. If you’re fed up of getting yelled at while sweating buckets, then these new classes are for you. It’s about taking it back to the PE classroom when you could get fit, while undertaking fun, new challenges with your mates.

Classes Work The Entire Body 

Gymnastics offers a full body workout, as well as helping to develop stability and balance while strengthening the glutes and shoulders. The gymnasium we have at Gymbox also involves some leg work when you’re walking along the beams, which is a great balancing challenge and forces you to engage with your mobility. The other beauty of this type of fitness is it emphasises strength while keeping unwanted weight to a minimum. It’s also the ideal remedy for anyone spent hunched up over a desk as it completely stretches you out.

Benefits Are Immediate

While gymnastics works the entire body, your core will always be the main target, and you’ll notice it start to strengthen after just a few sessions. When you’re working out on the beam or ropes, you’ll always be focusing on your core strength, balance and stability. Over time this will help you to have more control and coordination over the way your body moves. If you keep up the classes regularly, you’ll also notice your shoulders and hips will start to open and strengthen further. It’s a great workout for the joints, without being too harsh on them like running can be.

Fancy giving it a go? Here are four SL-approved classes to try now: 

1. Gymnasium at Gymbox, Gymbox.com
2. Lift Classes at Lift The Movement, LiftTheMovement.com
3. The Handstand Sessions at More Athletic Body, ClassPass.com 
4. CaliStrength Class at CaliFlow, CaliFlow.co

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