The Gut Health Experts To Book In With Now

The Gut Health Experts To Book In With Now

With so many health issues often linked to an irritated or unhappy digestive system, it’s widely accepted that gut health is critical to overall wellbeing. Whether you want to get to the bottom of bloating or are living with IBS, IBD or Chron’s disease, here are some of the experts who could help – all of whom are currently offering their services online…
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The Gut Health Clinic

Headed up by Dr Megan Rossi, aka The Gut Health Doctor, an internationally renowned expert in the gut health field, The Gut Health Clinic is the destination to know. Megan and her team are at the forefront of gut health research at King’s College London and have a wealth of experience helping people get their tract back on track. Megan herself has a PhD in gut health and has received the Dean’s Award for outstanding research, and last year set up Bio&Me, her own gut health food company. For a taste of what Megan can offer, check out her bestselling book, Eat Yourself Healthy, which is brimming with practical diet and lifestyle strategies to do your gut good. 

BOOK IN FOR: If you can’t get an appointment with Megan herself (she currently has a four-month waiting list), book in with one of her other hand-picked experts, who specialise in everything from general gut health to specific and more complex conditions such as ulcerative colitis, paediatric gut health, stoma support and more.  

COST: An initial consultation with an expert dietitian is £175 and a follow-up is £115. 

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Eve Kalinik

A true leader in gut health and the author of two bestselling books, Eve is a nutritional therapist and functional medicine practitioner. She is also registered member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT); the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC); and accredited at the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM). In clinic, she uses intelligent tests to analyse your gut microbiome to enable her to formulate a totally personalised approach. A self-confessed gut enthusiast, Eve is passionate about restoring optimal health to your digestive system for improved all-round health. 

BOOK IN FOR: A bespoke approach that gets to work where it’s needed. 

COST: £250 for an initial consultation and £150 per session thereafter.

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Clarissa Lenherr

As a teenager, Clarissa suffered with digestive issues and spent years seeing dieticians, gastroenterologists and doctors, and experienced multiple failed diagnoses – she was even told her stomach issues were down to anxiety and was told antidepressants were the solution. Fast-forward several years and Clarissa has become one of London’s leading experts in the gut health field, helping others restore their mental and physical health. By taking an in-depth look at your gut, through symptom and diet tracking and, in some cases, testing, Clarissa will provide a personalised nutrition plan to ease any digestive complaint. 

BOOK IN FOR: Digestive health issues ranging from leaky gut and intolerances to bloating, flatulence, IBD, IBS and SIBO. 

THE DETAILS: A three-month Digestive Health Package – comprising an initial consultation, three monthly follow-ups and in-between email support – will set you on the way to optimal health. Prices start from £330 for a consultation and two follow-up appointments, including ongoing email support.

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Christine Bailey

Christine is an award-winning registered nutritionist, leading healthy eating expert, chef, author and broadcaster, and her five-point gut plan has been endorsed by doctors worldwide. Taking a fad-free, science-backed approach to gut health, Christine will help you tackle the root causes of your problems instead of merely treating symptoms as they arise. After an initial consultation, Christine will work with you to identify the problems and relieve your symptoms and help you repopulate your gut with beneficial bacteria as well as repair the gut lining through optimal nutrition. You will receive a personalised programme, which is monitored and reviewed every four to six weeks. 

BOOK IN FOR: A total gut overhaul that focuses on nutrition and what’s on your plate.

COST: A one-hour consultation will set you back £200.

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Petronella Ravenshear

A Chelsea-based nutritional therapist specialising in digestion, weight loss and energy problems, Petronella is the name to know if you’re looking to improve your gut health for better long-term health. Whether you’re confused by probiotics, are prone to bloating or suspect a food intolerance is wreaking havoc with your digestion, Petronella’s unique method is the go-to for those in the know. Through a bespoke approach, she will reset your rhythm, bring hormones under control, and reduce inflammation for a brighter spring in your step.

BOOK IN FOR: Overhauling sluggish gut health for better energy and optimal wellbeing. 

COST: An initial consultation costs £250; Petronella will then recommend a course of treatment.


Pippa Campbell

Having previously struggled with IBS, hormonal imbalances, exhaustion and stress, Pippa now takes a 360° approach to her clients’ health and is on a mission to discover why the body may be inflamed at a cellular level, something which can manifest as everything from bloating to eczema. If you are suffering with IBS, PMS, chronic fatigue, aching joints, headaches, insomnia or recurrent infections, book in for a one-to-one session with Pippa who can then recommend a plan of action. Pippa is renowned for her next-gen approach, so expect everything from stool to hormone and DNA tests – but the results are impressive.
BOOK IN FOR: Personalised plans for those looking to lose weight, reduce inflammation and rebalance haywire hormones.

COST: An initial Zoom consultation costs £195; follow-up consultations cost £84.
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Jeannette Hyde

Jeannette has been leading the global gut health movement since 2015, when she published her first book on the subject. Since then, she has fast become the go-to expert for digestive concerns, and to this day remains involved with gut-brain research at St Mary’s University. Prior to the pandemic, Jeannette was based on Harley Street but is now leading her clinic online, using a unique three-pronged approach. Using cutting-edge nutritional science; stool, breath and blood testing (all of which can be done at home); and coaching to support behavioural changes, she guarantees real results. 

BOOK IN FOR: Nagging issues – whether you’re struggling with your energy, sleep, mood, weight or skin, Jeannette is the queen of taking an individualised approach to gut health.

COST: £220 for an initial one-hour consultation, and £595 for a package for three 50-minute sessions, delivered over two months. 

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Sophie Medlin

Having started her career in the NHS, specialising in complex bowel disorders for seven years before moving into academia, working as a lecturer in nutrition and dietetics at King’s College London, Sophie now runs City Dieticians. When she’s not in the clinic, she’s busy designing nutrition and food products such as probiotics, making her a veritable expert in the field. A consultant colorectal dietitian, she specialises in complex bowel disorders such as diverticular disease, colorectal cancers, Chron’s disease, colitis and IBS. Sophie is also vocal on Instagram – she holds a regular Dear Diarrhoea feature, where users can submit bowel-related health questions. 

BOOK IN FOR: Support with more complex bowel disorders.

COST: £150 for an initial consultation and £90 for follow-up appointments. Sophie also regularly offers pay-what-you-can clinics for patients with bowel disorders to improve access to evidence-based nutritional advice. 

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