9 Of The Best Low-Waste Period Brands To Know

9 Of The Best Low-Waste Period Brands To Know

There’s never been more demand for eco-friendly period solutions, with recent reports showing 200,000 tonnes of sanitary products end up in UK landfill every year. Whether you’re looking for a more sustainable tampon or are intrigued by a menstrual cup, these are the brands to know and products to try…


For period pants that are stylish, comfortable and functional, Thinx ticks all the boxes. Offering no fuss, waste or discomfort, their leak-proof briefs are designed to look and feel like normal underwear, while providing superior protection. The line-up spans everything from thongs to boy shorts and leotards, with each style able to hold up to four tampons’ worth, without ever feeling bulky. Bonus points to the clever tech, which neutralises smells and draws away wetness for speedy drying.

Visit SheThinx.com

HERO PRODUCT: The Super Hiphugger is Thinx’s original, best-selling style and now boasts twice the absorbency of the brand’s classic collection. Available in sizes XXS to 3XL, it’s suitable for everyone, and there’s even a 60-day trial and free returns if you’re not satisfied.

Hiphugger, £26.73
Hiphugger, £26.73


Did you know the average box of tampons contains almost as much plastic as five carrier bags? If you’re looking for a eco-friendlier solution, Saalt’s menstrual cups are worth a try. Worn inside the vagina like a tampon, menstrual cups collect your period rather than absorb it, and can be worn for up to 12 hours. Made from 100% medical-grade silicone that’s non-toxic and odour free, Saalt’s pastel-hued cups have been designed to last ten years and work to maintain the body’s natural pH levels. Available in two size options, there’s a perfect fit for all, but if you’re a cup beginner, the smaller size is a good place to start.

Visit SaaltCo.com

HERO PRODUCT: Made from an ultra-soft silicone formula, Saalt’s hot-off-the-press Soft Menstrual Cup is ideal for those with bladder sensitivity and cramping, or for those who find firmer cups uncomfortable. 

Saalt Cup, £25
Saalt Cup, £25


Tampon applicators may be handy, but, taking 500 years to decompose, they pose a huge environmental issue. Enter DAME – the world’s first re-usable tampon applicator that will last you years without costing the world. The award-winning design is self-sanitising, meaning all it needs is a quick rinse in water after every use, and it’ll work with all your tampons, regardless of brand or size. Plus, unlike its cardboard counterparts, DAME’s ergonomic design allows for a smoother application and its anti-microbial technology will actively stave off bacteria. 

Visit WeAreDame.co

HERO PRODUCT: Priced at £17.99, DAME’s Reusable Applicator is the brand’s star buy, but its organic cotton tampons also get our vote. Made with GOTS certified organic cotton, they’re also 100% biodegradable, hypoallergenic, pH neutral and free from bleaches, plastics, toxins and dyes.

Reusable Applicator, £17.99
Reusable Applicator, £17.99

Wear ‘Em Out

If tampons don’t agree with you, or you have a lighter flow, a reusable sanitary pad could be your best bet. With four high-tech layers and two poppered wings to hold the pad in place, Wear ‘Em Out’s genius products have been designed to last for up to four years. Free from harmful chemicals and single-use plastic, the pads are soft and surprisingly streamlined. The brand’s Starter Pack, which comprises of six pads and a washbag with different pouches to safely store used pads when on-the-go, will get you going. When it comes to washing your pads, simply rinse in water and pop in the washing machine. Just be sure to steer clear of fabric softener or bleach, as this will reduce their absorbency.

Visit WearEmOut.co.uk

HERO PRODUCT: The Mini Flo Period Pad, £7.99, is a clever lightweight daily liner that’s perfect for the final days of your period, as well as bladder leaks and non-period days when you want to feel a little fresher.

Mega-Mega Flo, £10.99
Mega-Mega Flo, £10.99


Unlike anything else on the market, the Flex menstrual disc is ideal for those prone to cramps, claiming to alleviate period pain by up to 70% compared to using tampons, which can fill with fluid from all angles and press against the vaginal wall. Designed to fit to the shape of any woman’s body, Flex’s discs are made from medical-grade polymer and are BPA, latex and silicone free. Each disc can be worn for up to 12 hours and holds five tampons’ worth of fluid, meaning Flex is single-use, but still produces 60% less waste than tampons. Inserting and removing the disc is a little fiddlier than menstrual cups, but for the comfort and cramp factor, Flex gets our vote.

Visit FlexFits.uk

HERO PRODUCT: Flex only offers one product, but there are plenty of options when it comes to stocking up. If you’re keen to give it a go, £13 will get you a three-month, one-off supply of discs, while longer-term subscriptions allow you to choose a quantity and delivery frequency.

Flex Disc, £13
Flex Disc, £13


If you’re not ready to venture too far from your regular box of tampons, TOTM will meet you halfway. As well as being certified cruelty-free and vegan, all TOTM products (think tampons, pads and liners as well as reusable cups) are made with sustainably sourced cotton and are free from fragrance and chlorine. TOTM’s tampons have biodegradable cardboard applicators and paper wrappers, and pads are wrapped in compostable film. Moreover, all TOTM’s products are made in the EU, in a facility that’s powered by renewable energy.

Visit TOTM.com

HERO PRODUCT: All of TOTM’s products come highly recommended, but it’s their subscription service that we love, keeping you topped up with the products of your choice, delivered in letterbox-friendly packaging. Plus, with each purchase made, TOTM also donates to Endometriosis UK and Binti International, a charity providing sanitary products to girls and women worldwide.

Menstrual Cups, £19.95
Menstrual Cups, £19.95


If you’re concerned by the rise in period poverty, Freda is a brand to know. On a mission to make periods easier for women and girls, Freda’s commitment to sustainability starts from the ground up. As well as offering 100% eco-friendly tampons, pads and liners, Freda also sources its materials in a sustainable way and works with a Scandinavian factory that produces zero landfill waste and doesn’t use fossil fuels. Either choose between one-off products or quarterly deliveries of personalised period boxes. 

Visit MyFreda.com

HERO PRODUCT: Freda’s 100% organic cotton tampons, available with and without a BPA-free, plant-based plastic applicator, guarantee a soft, flexible and comfortable insertion. Expanding sideways, rather than lengthways, they offer a more natural fit and enhanced leak protection.

Tampons, From £4.50
Tampons, From £4.50


OHNE’s eco-friendly tampons have fast become an industry favourite, and with good reason. Designed with the female form in mind, the OHNE team believes nasty toxins, often found in mainstream tampon brands, shouldn’t be getting up and close with the thinnest, most absorbent skin on your body. All OHNE tampons are totally natural, unscented and unbleached, and are 100% certified organic and biodegradable. They also offer superior leak protection and boast a clever protective sleeve to prevent shedding. OHNE also caters to convenience, offering a subscription service, so you’re never caught off guard.  

Visit OHNE.com

HERO PRODUCT: OHNE’s Holy Cramp Oil, £27, is concentrated with 1% CBD – smooth it over your tummy or lower back to tackle pesky cramps within a matter of minutes. Yours, Hormonally, £27, is also made with 1% CBD and designed to be taken orally to balance frazzled hormones, ideal if you’re prone to PMS.



Offering zero waste, fuss or discomfort, Wuka’s leak-proof underwear is taking the wellness world by storm. Combining stylish designs with state-of-the-art technology to provide superior protection, its underwear is worth a try if you’re looking to make your cycle that little bit more sustainable. Leak-proof, long-lasting and machine washable, Wuka’s pants are made with organic cotton and suitable for everyone from teens to new mums. A Wuka bestseller, the bikini style features a flattering high-cut leg and comes in three flow absorbencies. 

Visit Wuka.co.uk

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