9 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Sex Toy

9 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Sex Toy

From boosting endorphins to improving sleep, masturbation is an underrated pillar of wellness. After all, 78% of women say they feel happier and less stressed after an orgasm. If you struggle to reach climax on your own, it could be worth enlisting the help of some sex tech. Enter sexual wellness brand LELO: aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use, their toys get our vote every time. We caught up with Kate Moyle, sex and relationships expert for LELO UK, to discover how to make the most of your toys.


Go Hands Free

“Remote controlled toys like the TIANI 3 are a great way for couples to explore giving each other control, with one arm of the toy designed for clitoral stimulation, and the other for simultaneous penetrative use The best way to use it is this: make your partner lie back on the bed, while you remain out of sight. By staying hidden, but still in control of the device, you’ll only add to the suspense of not knowing what will happen next.”

Lie On Your Front

“This applies to both male and female sex toys. Try positioning the sex toy between two pillows on your bed and then, lying on your front, use the toy to stimulate you.”

Head To The Bath

“Always make sure the toy you are using is 100% waterproof (LELO toys are all 100% waterproof, including the SONA 2), and then use the sensation of water to mix it up, for example turning on a handheld shower or tap. Swap between the shower head and your sex toy – or use them simultaneously.”

Double Up

“A prostate massager like the HUGO can add intensity and sensation. It's also hands-free so your partner can take control, although using it in a position like missionary can really mix it up.”

Massage All Over

“Using a vibrator like the SMART Wand for an all-over body massage won't just help you relax, it can also help to build up desire and arousal. Running it along the inner thighs, the lower back and buttocks can build up anticipation, which is our most natural aphrodisiac.”


Use the SMART Wand for an all-over body massage and to build anticipation, our most natural aphrodisiac.
Kate Moyle

Consider A Cock Ring

“A cock ring like the TOR 2, which stretches around the penis, is great for penetrative sex as it also offers great clitoral stimulation if worn during sex, particularly in positions with the woman on top, like the cowgirl. You can also use it for mutual masturbation and oral sex.”


“Spooning is the perfect position for slow and gentle sex, and a vibrator can be the perfect addition, as the 'big spoon' is easily able to reach around for clitoral stimulation on the little spoon partner. A bullet vibrator or finger vibrator like the MIA 2 would work really well. Just make sure you have it easily in reach so you don't have to scrabble around for it.”

Take It Low

“Sitting up on your knees and lowering yourself onto a sex toy can be a great way to mix it up at home. Using a sex toy with a base so it can be secured to a surface can help, or standing it up between two pillows if you are on your bed.”

Go Reverse Cowgirl

“Reverse cowgirl with a handheld vibrator means you can use it for stimulation on the riding partner, and you can also use it on the bottom partner on their perineum or testicles for additional sensation. If you are a same-sex couple using a strap-on, you can also flip around and do cowgirl which offers extra clitoral touch for you both.”

Since launching in 2003, Swedish brand LELO has gained a cult following thanks to its decadent designs that offer the best in high-tech intimacy. All LELO products come with a ten-year guarantee and come in chic, discreet packaging. Almost all LELO products can be used in a variety of ways, depending on what feels right. For more information visit LELO.com

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