The Antioxidant Supplement For Glowing Skin
The Antioxidant Supplement For Glowing Skin

The Antioxidant Supplement For Glowing Skin

Sun exposure, a less-than-perfect diet and pollution can all take their toll on your skin but that’s where antioxidants come in: by neutralising the bad stuff, they can curb the formation of fine lines, lock in hydration and protect the skin’s structure. Right now, astaxanthin is the antioxidant making waves in the wellness industry. Here, Gabriela Peacock – leading nutritionist, bestselling author and founder of GP Nutrition – told us why it’s a game-changer and how her brand’s latest supplement harnesses the benefits of this nutrient powerhouse. Plus, there's an exclusive 20% off for SL readers...

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It's A Potent Antioxidant

“Antioxidants provide a layer of protection on the skin from free radicals,” Gabriela tells SL. “Free radicals are daily stressors that cause the visible signs of ageing on your face, making antioxidants anti-ageing powerhouses.” And it’s astaxanthin that’s Gabriela’s antioxidant of choice. Considered one of the strongest antioxidants in nature, astaxanthin is a deep-red pigment found in microalgae and small crustaceans, and marine life feasts on it. “Salmon, prawns and lobster owe their pink colouring to astaxanthin, as do flamingos,” Gabriela continues. “The powerful antioxidant activity of astaxanthin helps to give you more youthful-looking skin by counteracting free radicals. Free radicals are everyday toxins, such as pollution, that can damage collagen and elastin. These proteins provide tautness and elasticity to your skin.” Studies show supplementing with astaxanthin can create a firm and elastic cellular matrix – the foundation of smooth, line-free skin.

Studies show astaxanthin can create a FIRM and ELASTIC cellular matrix – the foundation of SMOOTH, LINE-FREE SKIN.

It's A Summer Must-Have

We’re all aware of the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. Sun exposure is the leading cause of photoaging – premature signs of ageing that include wrinkles, dark spots and uneven texture. But an anti-ageing study on astaxanthin showed it can visibly improve the skin’s condition by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, and nourishing dry skin if taken consistently for eight weeks. Other studies show astaxanthin is one of the most powerful antioxidants, believed to be 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C. 

It Deeply Nourishes Skin Cells

“Unlike your average skin supplement, astaxanthin goes one step further,” Gabriela continues. “It’s able to reach the epidermis (the outermost layer of skin), where its antioxidant action protects the skin from sun damage, wrinkles and loss of moisture.” Hydration is the hallmark of a healthy glow, and experts agree moisturised skin is the simplest way to look instantly more youthful.

It Supports Muscle Recovery

As a potent anti-inflammatory, astaxanthin is a must if you lead an active lifestyle. Not only does it increase strength, endurance and muscle regeneration, it can also support cardiovascular health and reduce cholesterol levels. It can even protect brain cells and relieve eye strain and fatigue.

Astaxanthin is one of the most POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS, believed to be 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C.

How To Get Your Daily Dose…

As the body doesn’t make astaxanthin, supplementation is key. It can be found in the diet – primarily from crab, prawns and wild salmon – but you’d need to eat a lot to get adequate amounts. This is where GP Nutrition’s latest supplement, THE Antioxidant, comes in. “To get the same amount of astaxanthin in each dose, you’d need to eat 165g of wild salmon every day,” says Gabriela. “Eating salmon in these amounts isn’t a viable option for many of us, especially if you’re vegetarian, vegan or don’t like fish.” With an impressive amount of this hero antioxidant in each daily dose, GP Nutrition’s formula has you covered. All you need is one capsule per day with a meal.


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