The Best E-Bikes To Suit Every Need

The Best E-Bikes To Suit Every Need

Whether you’ve taken up cycling for a healthier commute, or just want something to pootle about on at the weekends, electric bikes are all the rage. Easier to ride and with decent battery life to take your further in a shorter amount of time, these are the best for every budget and lifestyle.

BEST FOR… Stylish Riders

Elops 900 E Low Frame Electric Town Bike, £999.99

Harking back to a classic city push bike, this Elops model is controlled by an LCD dashboard with three different modes, as well as a ‘walking’ mode for when you’re pushing the bike yourself. With seven speeds available, and a lifetime warranty on the frame, handlebars and stem, you’ll love the added comfort offered by the bike’s ergonomic position, wide tyres and suspension fork. Great for stylish urbanites keen to look the part.

Frame composition: 100% aluminium

Battery: 418Wh Samsung battery

Motor: 36V high-torque motor

Range: Up to 70km

Available at

BEST FOR… Sporty Types

Gtech Sports Hybrid Electric Bike, £995

With a 20-inch cross bar frame, this sporty frame is coupled with a saddle designed for a more dynamic seated position – making it ideal for those looking to embark on outdoor adventures. Using a battery to power the motor, continue to pedal normally while moving more quickly and easily over a variety of terrains, with two different modes to choose from – ‘Eco’ for a boost of up to 8mph for around 20-30 miles; and ‘Max’ for 15mph for around 10-15 miles.

Frame Composition: Aviation-grade aluminium

Battery: Removeable lithium-ion 200Wh 

Motor: 36V high torque motor 

Range: Up to 48km

Available at 

BEST FOR… Those On A Budget

E-Plus Red Mantra 20-inch Wheel Size Unisex Electric Bike, £429.99

The 20-inch City E-Ride electric bike is the perfect choice for those who find themselves on a budget. With a top speed of 15mph thanks to its single-speed motor, which helps you get from A to B with a little less effort, this model is made from a solid steel frame for serious durability. V-type front and rear brakes will help you stop quickly and effectively, while metal, front and rear mudguards will help keep your clothes and bags cleaner as you ride. There’s also an adjustable seat so you can choose the optimum position for your cycle journey.

Frame Composition: Steel

Battery: Lithium ion

Motor: 250W

Range: 38km

Available at

BEST FOR… A Leisurely Pace

Kensington Step Through Electric Bicycle, £1,659

One of the most stylish e-bikes on the market, the Kensington is built for comfort and elegance – so it’s the ideal choice for those looking for a leisurely ride. A 17-inch, step-through frame makes it accessible to riders of all heights, while the classic cream and light blue colourways are easy on the eye. Powered by a fully integrated SpinTech™ drive system, you’ll be able to travel up to 60 miles on a single charge. Choose between five different levels, or opt to switch off the electric assistance altogether. With a two-year peace of mind warranty, the reviews speak for themselves.

Frame Composition: Lightweight aluminium

Battery: 400Wh lithium ion

Motor: 250W SpinTech™ motor

Range: Up to 95km

Available at

BEST FOR… Quick Trips

ROODOG Polka Dot City, £1,150

Pretty to look at, it’s worth bearing in mind this bike is only good for shorter journeys, as the battery life will only extend up to 30 miles on a single charge. However, weighing in at just 21kg makes this a good model for those potential lifting their bike up stairs or in and out of cars, or for one-way trips. We love the stylish leather handles and saddle – not to mention the polka dot paint job.

Frame Composition: Lightweight alloy

Battery: 360Wh

Motor: Bafang rear hub

Range: Up to 50km

Available at

BEST FOR… Design Junkies

VanMoof X3, £1,798

If sleek design and modern finishes are important to you, and you’re willing to pay, this model from Van Moof couldn’t be more aesthetically pleasing. The powder blue frame comes with an updated motor, automatic electronic gear shifting, and integrated anti-theft tech, and is custom tuned for the ultimate riding experience. Onboard alarms and smart location tracking are specially designed to give bike thieves nightmares, while an industry-first automatic electronic gear shift offers the smoothest ride, with four speeds to flatten every hill – however minor.

Frame Composition: Aluminium 

Battery: 504Wh

Motor: Turbo-boost torque

Range: 60-150km

Available at

BEST FOR… Compact Living

Popal E-Folt 1.0, £978.30

The Popal E-Folt 1.0 folding bike is the latest innovation at the compact end of the market. Small, but with plenty of gadgets, it comes equipped with 20-inch wheels, six gears and V-brakes. The long-life battery will take you wherever you want, while the sleek LCD display shows you all the information you need to know on the road. Available in sleek ice white or black, it doesn’t get more stylish than this – ideal if you live in a flat or shared accommodation. 

Frame Composition: Aluminium

Battery: 420Wh

Motor: 250W

Range: 10-50km

Available at

BEST FOR… Tech Addicts

Entour E+ 1 Electric Bike, £2,099

Not only will this smooth-riding city e-bike help you cover longer distances with less time and effort, the inbuilt Smart Assist technology will determine just the right amount of support you need for a comfortable ride. You can also tune the different support ratios to supercharge your normal effort by up to 300%. The smart blue colourway makes it a great option for the man in your life, too.

Frame Composition: ALUXX aluminium

Battery: Giant EnergyPak 400Wh

Motor: Giant SyncDrive Life, powered by Yamaha

Range: Up to 160km, depending on settings

Available at

BEST FOR… Blowing The Budget

Diamant Juna Deluxe+ Trapeze, £2,639

If the budget’s unlimited and you want something that’s going to stand the test of time, the Juna Deluxe+ from Diamant is hard to beat. Integrating the external battery with matching leather applications, the luggage racks, which are painted in the same colour as the frame at the front and rear, are also tuned. Meanwhile, eight gears make it easier for you to find the right speed and power.

Frame Composition: Aluminium

Battery: 500Wh lithium ion

Motor: 250W mid-drive motor

Range: 60-150km

Available at

BEST FOR… All-Round Value

Vermont Lille Wave, £1,429

This bike offers high-quality comfort in combination with a powerful battery – the ideal combination for those looking to invest in a proper e-bike, but at an entry-level price. Offering up a comfortable cruising speed of 25km/h, it’s great for longer tours and short distances alike. Shimano disc brakes on the front and rear wheels ensure safe deceleration, and it even comes with a road equipment set – complete with mudguards, luggage carrier, lights and a stand to make life on the road easier.

Frame Composition: Aluminium

Battery: 300Wh lithium ion

Motor: 250W mid-drive motor

Range: 60-90km

Available at

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