The Best Products For An Inside-Out Glow

The Best Products For An Inside-Out Glow

Skincare is no longer your only route to a plump, more youthful complexion. Enter Swisse Me, the nutrition brand whose range of shots, smoothies and snacks are all packed with collagen and natural energy-boosting ingredients to boost your skin from the inside out. If you’re looking for a helping hand, here’s why collagen could help, and the products we love the most…

Collagen is one of the wellness world’s most buzzed-about ingredients, prized for its ability to smooth skin, make hair shinier, and ease sore muscles. But did you know once you reach your mid-20s, your body produces fewer hormones, and in turn less collagen – with studies suggesting collagen levels diminish by around 1% every year? This collagen slump causes weakening of the skin, which manifests as fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, if you’re a sun worshipper, smoker, or are partial to the odd glass of wine on the weekend, chances are your collagen is depleting at a quicker pace. 

Science shows supplementing with collagen will boost your skin as well as your muscles, making it a top choice if you’re into fitness. In fact, boosting your collagen levels has been shown to build muscle, repair tissue and fight inflammation, strengthening joints and accelerating injury recovery time. 

When it comes to tasty, easy ways to supercharge your collagen levels, SL favourite Swisse Me has you covered. Here are the products we rate…



Collagen & Blood Orange Beauty Shots, from £20.99: Counteract the ageing process and give your skin a glowing boost with these collagen shots, all of which deliver an impressive 5g of collagen and protein per bottle. Perfect for ensuring you glow-on-the-go, these pocket-size drinks will plump out fine lines, guaranteeing a more youthful complexion over time. We love the zesty citrus flavour, and with only 24 calories per bottle, you can rest assured they aren’t packed with unnecessary sugars. Getting your daily beauty fix has never been so easy.

Available here and also as a 28-Day Bundle here



Collagen Smoothie Box, £14.99: Swap your usual 11am snack for one of Swisse Me’s nutrient-packed smoothies to tick all the health boxes. Simply squeeze and savour – these nutritious snacks are packed full of ingredients designed to support your skin, energy levels and overall wellness. Each smoothie packed with 5g of collagen and a hefty dose of magnesium, making them the perfect way to boost skin health and support optimum energy levels and muscle recovery.

Available here



Collagen Nutrition Beauty Pack, £31.99 (was £35.98): With eight smoothies and seven shots, this beauty bundle is your shortcut to a healthy glow. With smoothie flavours ranging from berry and mango to pear and beetroot, there’s something for everyone– pour over granola, add to juices or pop in the freezer for a chilled summer snack. The refreshing orange-flavoured shots also contain the perfect amount of collagen to keep your levels topped up. 

Available here


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