The Diet & Health Brand To Have On Your Radar

The Diet & Health Brand To Have On Your Radar

A recent study showed more than 38% of us still set health and weight loss goals in January, sending searches for diet plans soaring. And while there’s no one-diet-fits-all, there are now more plans than ever designed to fit into our busy lifestyles. Exante even gets the thumbs up from thousands of GPs across the UK, offering fast and convenient options for all, especially those on-the-go. So, if you're looking to shed some pounds, Exante might be the answer...

Exante Is Approved By Both GPs & Dieticians

Working closely with the NHS, Exante is now promoted in over 5,000 GP surgeries. The brand also featured on ITV’s The Fast Fix as part of a study to see if a very low-calorie diet could send Type 2 Diabetics into remission. The best news? It worked for four out of five participants. 

The Plans Are Designed For Quick Results 

Primarily meal replacement diets, the Exante plans include two options, depending on what you’re looking for. The shorter-term, low-calorie solution is great for achieving speedy results, and helps your body to burn its own fat reserves more quickly. If that sounds too extreme, a more flexible solution encourages dieters to combine products with a selection of low-calorie meals – a great choice for anyone new to the programme, or families still cooking evening meals. 

The Diets Suit Most Needs & Common Goals 

The diet plans are equally ideal for anyone looking to lose a lot of weight or those keen to manage their diet with lower-calorie options. The brand understand that everyone is different with various goals to achieve, so their plans tap into different needs with a flexible and convenient approach always at the forefront. Above all, their low calorie diets are best suited to those with a high BMI, and under the supervision of a medical professional. Whichever plan you choose, you can be sure that Exante offers it all

The Food Is Surprisingly Filling

A typical day on the Exante diet is easier than you think. Dieters can choose from a range of filling milkshakes, cinnamon porridges and tasty soups - all of which are full of protein and fibre. The 1200 Plan also allows you to have a satisfying dinner - usually containing meat or fish with vegetables - so you never feel hungry at night. What’s more, all the food groups in the plans are packed with 27 vitamins and minerals, to ensure you don’t miss out on any daily nutritional needs.

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