Everything You Need To Know About Vitamin Vaping

Everything You Need To Know About Vitamin Vaping

Claiming to help you absorb nutrients, vitamin vaping is causing quite a stir. But is it really an effective way to boost your health? To sort fact from fiction, we asked two GP’s and medical advisors for their expert opinion…

How Does Vitamin Vaping Actually Work?

“Vitamin vaping works like an ‘e-cigarette,’ but the liquid contains vitamins and flavourings, not nicotine,” explains Doctor Clare Morrison, GP & Medical Advisor at Medexpress. “The vitamin mixture is vaporised on a heated metal coil, then inhaled. The mixture is absorbed through the surface of the lungs, and to a lesser extent, the mouth and throat. From there it goes straight into the bloodstream, and to the rest of the body.” 

So, Is There Any Truth In It Being Beneficial?

“It’s quite an interesting concept. There are various different vitamins that can be bought in this way. The most popular are vitamins B12, B2, B6, A, C, D, E and CoQ10,” says Clare. “In terms of whether it’s beneficial, it’s worth noting that most vitamins are perfectly well absorbed orally. However, this isn’t always the case for B12 and some people need regular injections from their doctor. Vegans are one particular group that often need vitamin B12 supplements. It appears that some have found vaping B12 to be an effective way to maintain their blood levels without injections.” That being said, Dr Suhel Ahmed, Media Doctor & Chief medical officer alldayDr says more research needs to be done: “While it’s rising in popularity, more detailed studies are needed to show whether inhaled vitamins or supplements do get absorbed sufficiently through this route, and whether the doses delivered are equivalent to those taken through traditional sources, such as tablets and syrups.” 

Just How Safe Is It To Try?

“Lack of long-term research makes it difficult to be specific about the risks. However, there are concerns that artificial substances, in the delicate tissues of the lungs, could cause irritation, inflammation and impair the function that lungs are designed for i.e. gas exchange,” confirms Clare. “With vitamin vaping, the concentration of vitamins in the lungs would be much higher than would occur naturally. There could also be unintended contaminants from the manufacturing process, flavouring, the device itself and the effect of heat on the metal coil. It is, however, certainly an area that’s continuing to grow and gain traction. As for pros and cons, it’s worth weighing out the following before giving it a go:” 


  • Potentially most useful for those lacking in vitamin B12

  • A possible alternative for those afraid of injections

  • Less expensive than traditional needle shots and convenient 

  • They’re free of addictive nicotine 

  • Most contain organic ingredients and no chemicals 


  • The effectiveness of vaping vitamins is yet to be proven

  • Little has been researched about the safety or efficacy of inhaling vitamins

  • Untested substances inside these vapes could be associated with acute or chronic toxicities 

  • There is a lot of questioning around any sort of vaping (even just vitamins) being truly ‘safe’

  • Some vapes have been linked to lung disease, such as COPD, asthma and bronchiolitis 

With All That In Mind, Is It Actually Worth Trialling?

“If you’re someone that specifically lacks in vitamin B12 then potentially, yes,” says Clare. “Especially as certain studies have shown that inhaling this vitamin can be much more efficient that taking it orally – however, injections still reign supreme. It’s also been said that some people who have used it have felt the effects and even notice their mood become more stabilised. However, for those wanting to trial it for the sheer hell of it, I am sceptical of the long-term safety and efficacy of vitamin vaping. The dose received should be tailored to a person’s size, age, the amount they inhale and the state of their lungs.” Dr Suhel agrees, “In my opinion, the vast majority of healthy people don’t need a vitamin supplement – let alone a vape. A healthy, balanced diet should be sufficient to satisfy all your needs. If you do consider supplements or vaping as an option, you should do so after a careful discussion with your GP.” 

Finally, If You Were Keen To Give It A Go, Where Can You Get It?

“The most popular option on the market right now is Breathe B12 by the brand, Vitamin Vape,” advises Dr Suhel. “It’s available on Amazon UK and has so far, received generally positive reviews. Working to fill the lungs with vitamins A, B2, B6, C, D or E, it claims to boots your metabolism and increase energy levels and is available in red fruit and ginseng flavours. But as said above, it’s important to be your own advocate and understand the pros and cons before trialling it yourself.” Given the money and time spent going into ‘vitamin vaping,’ we expect to see further launches hitting the shelves, with more in-depth research to come, too.

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