The Supplement Trio To Keep You On Track This Summer
The Supplement Trio To Keep You On Track This Summer

The Supplement Trio To Keep You On Track This Summer

It’s easy for healthy habits to fall by the wayside at this time of year, but with the right nutritional support, there’s no need to let it all go. GP Nutrition was founded by leading nutritional therapist Gabriela Peacock, and its Summer Essentials supplement trio could be just what you need to boost your internal and external wellbeing. Here’s what makes it so unique – plus, an exclusive offer for SheerLuxe readers…

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The Background

A double Sunday Times and Amazon bestselling author and leading nutritional therapist, Gabriela Peacock’s balanced approach to wellness is at the heart of her supplement range, GP Nutrition. Gabriela is a firm believer that we should all enjoy the things we love, while still being mindful about maintaining a nutritional balance. “If you work hard year-round to look and feel your best, there’s no reason why things should go out the window during the summer, only to hold out for the promise of a detox come September,” Gabriela tells us. “Whether you’re enjoying summer at home or away this year, the Manage the Damage trio has you sorted – it’ll nourish the skin, balance blood sugar, support gut health and keep your nutrients topped up.”

Here's Whats In The Trio

FOR MULTIVITAMIN SUPPORT: Gold Essential Trio, From £12

What Makes It Different: Eating out, drinking more than usual and jet lag can all take their toll on your nutrient levels, which can then play havoc with your mood, energy levels and sleep. Gabriela’s holy grail, this trio of supplement capsules contains more than 20 key active vitamins and minerals, as well as your entire recommended intake of essential nutrients like vitamin D, zinc and B12 to support immunity and energy. This daily grab-and-go sachet includes a multivitamin, a high-grade turmeric capsule and a vegan omega supplement – designed to be taken together after breakfast or lunch. Packaged in individual sachets, they’re ideal for travelling, too.

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FOR GLOWING SKIN: The Antioxidant, From £18

What Makes It Different: It’s no secret that sun exposure is the leading cause of photoaging – otherwise known as premature signs of ageing that include wrinkles, dark spots and uneven texture. For first-of-its-kind support, GP Nutrition’s antioxidant supplement is made with astaxanthin, which has been proven to mitigate inflammation and cellular damage caused by UV light exposure, as well as promote wound healing. Unlike other supplements, it also gets to work on the epidermis (the outermost layer of the sin), where its antioxidant action will protect the skin from sun damage, wrinkles and loss of moisture. 

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FOR A HAPPIER TUMMY: Feel Great Fibre, From £15

What Makes It Different: A change in diet, sleep and routine can mess with your gut, which can then take its toll on everything from energy to digestive issues and wayward hormones. Plus, with more than 70% of us failing to get the daily recommended allowance of fibre, it makes sense to top up. Swap the bread basket for a dose of Feel Great Fibre – when mixed with water and enjoyed 20 minutes before food, it swells in the stomach, promoting feelings of fullness and feeding the good bacteria in your gut.

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