The Supplements To Give You A Nutritional Boost

The Supplements To Give You A Nutritional Boost

Whatever your current approach to nutrition, it’s important to fuel your body right. With more of us looking for ways to stay mentally and physically well, we’re turning to supplement brand Myvitamins, whose scientifically backed formulas are guaranteed to give you the boost you need. Whether you’re looking for a helping hand with concentration, energy or gut health, these are the ones to know…

Go With Your Gut, £12

BEST FOR: A happier tummy

If a new routine has thrown your eating habits out of whack, you might be suffering from bloating, constipation and gas, leaving you feeling sluggish and uncomfortable. Packed with ten types of lactobacillus – a friendly bacteria found in the digestive system – and chloride, which produces hydrochloric acid in the stomach to support optimal digestion, this hero supplement is definitely worth a try.

Available here


Wakey Wakey, £9.99 (was £11.99)

BEST FOR: A caffeine substitute

Suffering from Zoom fatigue? With one capsule of this innovative blend containing 16 vitamins and minerals proven to increase energy levels, you’ll soon wonder how you lived without it. Serving up a healthy dose of full-spectrum B vitamins, which break down food into fuel, as well as zinc, magnesium and iron, Wakey Wakey will reduce tiredness and fatigue to kick start your morning. 

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Eye Spy, £9.99

BEST FOR: Supporting optimal vision

An increase in screen time and fewer hours outdoors could be taking its toll on your eyes – causing headaches, increased sensitivity to light and blurred vision. Fortunately, Eye Spy has you covered. With vitamin A to support and maintain vision, and zinc to help the body absorb vitamin A, as well as bilberry extract, a potent antioxidant to tackle oxidative stress, and lutein to fight free radicals, this expert formulation gets our vote. 

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Hocus Focus, £12.99 (was £14.99)

BEST FOR: Supercharged cognitive function

If you’re feeling tired, foggy and unmotivated, reach for this energising blend of vitamins and minerals uniquely formulated to support mental performance and focus. It all comes down to B vitamins, which can increase cognitive function, as well as pantothenic acid, known to maintain brain health, and riboflavin, proven to aid the absorption of iron to keep energy levels topped up. 

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Joint Effort, £12.99 (was £14.99)

BEST FOR: Aiding your next 5k

We all know collagen production slows over time, making our joint cartilage thinner and more prone to damage. So, if you’ve recently taken your exercise routine up a gear, consider supplementing with Joint Effort, concentrated with turmeric and flaxseed oil to reduce inflammation, ginger, MSM, rosehip extract and added vitamin C to support healthy cartilage. Bid good riddance to sore knees and wobbly ankles.

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