How To Get A Better Butt

How To Get A Better Butt

Most of us wouldn’t mind a slightly more toned butt. From the power of resistance bands to why regular barre sessions could make all the difference, here’s what some of the top fitness names in the industry recommend for getting yours into shape.

First, You Need To Turn Your Glutes On

Building a stronger, more toned bum may sound straightforward, but if you spend all day sat at a desk, you’ll need to work even harder. Louisa Drake, founder of The Louisa Drake Method and former professional dancer, says desk-bound jobs are wreaking havoc with muscle strength. “We spend much of the day sitting on our butts instead of using them, and this has led to an epidemic of flat, lazy and underused glutes. This has actually been coined ‘gluteal amnesia’, and studies have shown it’s one of the primary causes in the development of lower back pain.” When the glutes aren’t strong enough, muscles that weren’t designed for the job will take over; and over time these ‘helper’ muscles can become overworked, resulting in pain in the lumbar spine, hips and knees. Louisa told us isolation of the gluteal muscles is crucial for results – this will not only switch them on after being sat at your desk all day but will guarantee a full-body burn because working your lower body is more metabolic than any other type of training. 

Take A 360° Approach

“For a strong, toned booty you need to work the glutes with a range of movements, rather than just lunges and squats,” says Paola di Lanzo, founder of Paola’s Body Barre. “In fact, one of the most common mistakes women make when training the lower body is not mixing it up and just working in one plane of movement.” Instead, Paola recommends doing lunges and squats with variations, such as squats to curtseys and lunges to squats. “The use of single-leg work is also crucial,” she stresses. “Working on both the global muscles and the deepest stabiliser muscles in your glutes will give you that rounded look,” she adds. Isolating the gluteal muscles is also key, says Paola. “Incorporate plenty of exercises that allow the glutes to be singled out – think loaded hip thrusts, bridges with thigh bands and loaded donkey kicks.” 

Train Like A Pro

The secret to a better bum, says Louisa, is the right combination of resistance training and high-intensity aerobic exercise. “Instead of a purely cardio-focused workout, aim to work out three to five times per week, including a mix of both resistance-only sessions and sessions that incorporate both cardio and resistance.” And if running’s your thing, don’t discount sprinting, which can be a great way to stimulate the bum and lower body. If you’re into strength training, try a Romanian deadlift, FLEX Chelsea PT Tash Lankester’s exercise of choice. “The Romanian deadlift is fantastic when it comes to toning the glutes. It’s a modified version of the conventional deadlift where the bar doesn’t touch the floor, meaning your glutes are constantly working. Just remember that it’s a hip movement, not a knee movement, so break at your hips and really focus on leading with your hips pushing back – imagine wagging a tail and trying to tap your bum to a wall behind you.”

If you’re looking for results, you need to add resistance – either in the form of resistance bands or weights.

Always Use Equipment

“If you’re looking for results, you need to add resistance – either in the form of resistance bands or weights,” Paola stresses. While bodyweight will get you going, the experts say it pays to invest in some kit to build further gains. Looped resistance bands are ideal for the lower body and will help you build a satisfying burn. Ankle weights can also help enhance your glutes without bulking. “If you enjoy lifting weights, don’t be afraid to lift heavy if you want to build strength in your bum,” says Tash. “Lifting heavy weights will never make you bulky if you are following a structured plan and eating according to your goals. Take advantage of mastering basic compound movements – think squats, lunges and deadlifts – and slowly add some weight each session, and you’ll be blown away with the results.”

Incorporate The Golden Moves

“To strengthen and sculpt your bum, moves to add into your routine include the clamshell, donkey kick, butt kick and any hip abduction exercise performed with a medium-strength resistance or thigh band,” says Nicole de Souza, live trainer at OpenFit. “If you enjoy using weights, pair a heavy weight with a single leg deadlift, goblet squat or step-up – this will provide a real challenge to your glutes. If you prefer not to use weights, the glute bridge, hip thrust march, and a single-leg hip press performed on a mat are also great. If you want to get your heart rate going, try a skater hop, curtsy lunge, lunge jump and squat jump.”

Try Barre

The benefits of barre are endless, and no less so than when it comes to sculpting. By using multiple repetitions to exhaust targeted muscle groups, barre strengthens and tones without increasing bulk. It will also increase your cardiovascular endurance and metabolism, which will make your body burn calories more efficiently. “Barre is a fantastic way to sculpt the body, particularly the glutes,” says Paola. “Single leg work on the barre is especially effective, so look out for a class which has plenty of this – this will build maximum burn in both legs to target the muscles at a deep level.”

Stick With It

“Don’t expect miracles overnight,” says Tash. “If you’re serious about sculpting your bum, aim to work at it at least twice per week and remember to always load it with repetitive stimulus.” Louisa says that if you are training regularly, eating well and focusing on the glutes as well as increasing cardio in general, you should expect to notice a stronger bum in around ten weeks. Just don’t forget about other muscles, either, says Nicole. “Your core also factors into the equation,” she stresses. “A strong core will help you sculpt a shapelier bum, and that in turn will allow your glutes to perform their job more effectively.”



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