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If you follow Lucy Lord on Instagram, you’ll be familiar with her colourful, seasonal recipes – or perhaps you subscribe to her popular Supper Club weekly newsletter. With two bestselling cookbooks under her belt, Lucy’s become the go-to for delicious, time-efficient dishes that support an active lifestyle. Here, she shares her weekly food diary…
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Folded Eggs


Breakfast: I always start my morning with a walk – whatever the weather. Getting some daylight soon after you wake up is vital to keep your circadian rhythm ticking. When I get home, it’s time for breakfast – today it’s folded eggs on toast, which I make with sumac, chilli flakes and za’atar. I also have a glass of cold brew coffee, which I make a few times a week in the summer.

Lunch: Mondays are my recipe planning days, so mornings are spent at home drafting recipes and writing lists of what needs to be filmed and photographed, as well as planning the ingredients I need. At midday, I go to the gym, which is next to a large supermarket, so I bring my list and do a food shop afterwards. I have a protein shake at the gym and buy berries to snack on in the supermarket. When I’m home, I make smoky chorizo beans on toast with fresh parsley. It’s fresh, delicious, and makes an extra portion for later in the week.

Supper: Yesterday, I made a pulled BBQ chicken dish in the slow cooker – I froze most of it but saved a couple of portions. Tonight, I make pulled pork sliders with fresh guacamole and lots of lime juice. I have some dark chocolate for pudding, and prepare peanut butter and banana overnight oats for the next couple of days.


Breakfast: Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to be long, creative days in the kitchen and studio, so I train first thing after my walk and morning coffee, then have a bowl of overnight oats. I stir through a scoop of protein powder, which is important for muscle recovery.

Lunch: I have the second portion of yesterday’s chorizo beans on a jacket potato. I like to batch-bake jacket potatoes so they’re crispy on the outside and soft and buttery inside – I’ll then freeze extras and warm them up in the oven so they’re ‘twice baked’. It saves time and means I always have something nourishing to hand. This week, I’ve been filming a segment for my Supper Club newsletter on how to keep your herbs fresher for longer, so I have plenty to hand. I sprinkle parsley, coriander and mint on my jacket potato.

Supper: I’ve been photographing ratatouille today, so I have that for dinner with steamed greens and pan-fried seabass. I add butter, lemon zest, dill and parsley to the fish and veggies for added flavour. I’m a big fan of flavoured butters – tahini and honey butter is delicious on banana bread.

Pulled BBQ Chicken


Breakfast: After my walk, I come home and do an online yoga class. I love going to a studio for yoga but don’t always have the time. I’ll do anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes – it all counts. For breakfast, I have a mango, coconut and lime smoothie.

Lunch: I spend the morning cooking and photographing lemon and ricotta pancakes and brownies. I have a plate of the pancakes for lunch with fresh berries and maple syrup. I freeze a few extra pancakes to be popped in the toaster at a later date – it’s a handy way to reduce food waste.

Supper: Dinner tonight is the same as yesterday – ratatouille, seabass and steamed vegetables. When I’m photographing food, it has to be either cold or at room temperature so the steam doesn’t affect the camera lens, so it’s always nice when there are lots of leftovers I can enjoy warm later in the week. Plus, the flavour in ratatouille deepens as time goes on. I also have one of the brownies, which are delicious.


Breakfast: Thursdays tend to be laptop days – I edit what I’ve filmed, do website updates and draft newsletters. Supper Club is a weekly email I send out every Friday with new recipes and snippets of things I’ve enjoyed – it could be a podcast or a book. Supper Club Plus then has step-by-step videos for kitchen skills and techniques – everything from poaching an egg to piping buttercream. I use leftover ricotta from yesterday to have fig, ricotta and honey on toast with fresh thyme – quick, fresh and delicious.

Lunch: I have a meeting at Daylesford Farm at midday, which is about half an hour from where I live. After the meeting, I stay behind to have lunch in the restaurant – I have the monkfish – and spend a few more hours on my laptop.

Supper: I knew I’d be out for most of the afternoon, so I defrosted a portion of pulled BBQ chicken from the freezer this morning. I have this on corn tacos with mango salsa and lots of lime juice.

Mango, Coconut & Lime Smoothie
Ricotta Pancakes
Panko Salmon


Breakfast: The Supper Club email gets sent out first thing so people can buy their ingredients for the weekend creativity ahead. I aim to take a half day on a Friday and one of my favourite things to do is an extra-long morning walk around one of my favourite parks in Cheltenham – Pitville Park – via my local bakery for a coffee and croissant. I also buy a loaf of fresh sourdough for the daysahead, slicing and freezing any I won’t use over the weekend.

Lunch: I do a late-morning yoga class then make a potato, lentil and spinach salad for lunch. Hot roasted potatoes soak up the lemon and olive oil dressing – it’s one of my staple salad recipes. After lunch, I do a final recipe run-through of an online monthly event I do – Bend and Bake – of a strawberry cheesecake, no-churn ice cream. I have a couple of scoops for dessert.

Supper: Dinner is panko salmon and steamed green vegetables with butter. I’ve been filming how to make your own limoncello, so I make a limoncello spritz to have after dinner. I discovered this recently on holiday in the south of France – one of my favourite things to do is find new, local recipes when I’m overseas and then create my own version at home. I love how food can be such a form of nostalgia.


Breakfast: I train first thing then pick up more ingredients for the weekend. A girlfriend comes over to help me hang some new kitchen shelves – I make us a breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, fresh pico de gallo salsa, guacamole, lime juice and cheddar cheese, tightly wrapped in a tortilla and then toasted on a hot plate.

Lunch: I have a slice of toasted chocolate chip banana bread with salted butter. I love making a big loaf and stashing extra portions in the freezer so I can take them out individually as I fancy them. I also have a small pot of Greek yogurt with fresh berries and honey.

Supper: I have my final portion of herby roasted potato salad with some sea salt dark chocolate.

Limoncello Spritz
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread


Breakfast: I have an online event that starts at 9am so I need something quick and easy – I make folded eggs on toast with grated parmesan, lemon juice and lots of fresh herbs.

Lunch: There’s always lots of washing up and laptop admin that needs doing after an event so once I’m finished, I pick up a toasted panini from a small Italian deli that’s close by. I head out for a walk and eat my panini on a park bench.

Supper: I always try to batch cook on a Sunday for the week ahead, and ideally something I can freeze, too. Today, I make my classic bolognese, which I leave to simmer for three hours. I use pancetta for a rich, smoky flavour, and serve it with spaghetti, parmesan, fresh basil and a glass of red wine. For pudding, I have a Gu key lime pie cheesecake and save the glass ramekin for some mini Biscoff cheesecakes I’m making next week.


For more information and recipe inspiration, visit and follow @LordLucy on Instagram.

Spaghetti Bolognese

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