The Spiritual Experts To Book In With Now
The Spiritual Experts To Book In With Now

The Spiritual Experts To Book In With Now

Whether it’s for career guidance, relationship advice or connecting with loved ones, more of us than ever are turning to the stars for guidance. Intrigued? These are the astrologers, tarot readers and spiritual practitioners that come highly recommended…
By Tor West


Fiongal Greenlaw

The Wellness Foundry was set up by former fashion designer Fiongal Greenlaw after the pressures of work and life led him to spiritual exploration. The online platform offers everything – including one-to-one tarot and psychic readings, spirit drawing and astrology readings. If you’re a fan of tarot, a session with Fiongal comes highly recommended – he uses tarot cards and spirit guides for an in-depth reading. We’ve also had incredible readings with Susana – bringing together psychic guidance and oracle cards for scarily accurate insights and guidance. If you want to better understand your habits and desires, uncover talents, process grief and heal emotional wounds, book in for past life regression with Jamie.  

The Details: Sittings are offered in person in Vauxhall, or over Zoom. Prices for a 30-minute online reading start from £50.



Nymph of Neptune

Whether you’re a loyal horoscope reader or keen to learn more about rising signs, moon signs and ruling planets, a session with new-gen astrologer Nymph of Neptune (aka- Hedy) is worth every penny. With years of experience under her belt, Hedy is an expert when it comes to tarot readings and interpreting birth charts, explaining what the time and date of your birth could mean for you both personally and professionally. On a mission to help clients discover their power find authenticity and unlock hidden potential, Hedy is her worth weight in gold. What’s more, sessions can be carried out in English, Italian or French.

The Details: Around £150 for an astrology reading or £60 for a 30-minute check-in (perfect for a grounding meditation for when you feel off-balance).



Miranda Cook

Former journalist Miranda Cook has been reading tarot for 30 years. A gifted reader with a warm, maternal energy, she does readings over email, but that doesn’t make them any less accurate. Book in for a six-month forecast, which gives you the option to ask three questions of your choice. Within a couple of days, she’ll send back a detailed document with month-by-month insights, drawn from tarot and oracle cards as well as intuitively channelled messages. Whether you’re in a relationship rut, need clarity on your career or just feel ‘stuck’, Miranda can pick up your energy and pinpoint where you’re heading. We love the fact the document is yours to keep at the end of each month, you’ll realise just how spot-on her observations were.

The Details: A six-month forecast via email is £35.



Katy Boughey

If you’re intrigued by spiritual work but feel apprehensive, a session with Katy Boughey is proof healing can be calm, gentle and nurturing. A qualified reiki master and intuitive holistic therapist, no two treatments are the same – Katy is guided by higher powers to direct healing where it’s needed. You may feel sensations of heat, see flickers of colour and feel a deep emotional response, all of which indicate that shifts are taking place. After your session, there’ll be time to reflect on your experience and re-ground with angel cards for a final reading. We left feeling recentred and at peace, with a calmness that lasted for days. For intuitive healing with a side of the spiritual, Katy comes highly recommended.

The Details: A 90-minute session at Katy’s studio near Earl’s Court costs £110. 



David Petrusich

Mediumship – the ability to communicate with the spirits of those who have passed over – may have had a bad rap in the past, but David Petrusich is making spirit work more accessible. His gentle presence feels reassuring and familiar; in his sessions, he connects with your spirit guides and deceased loved ones to deliver messages and bring clarity to situations. If you’re at all in doubt, read through the testimonials on his website – you’ll see there’s constant praise for David’s empathy and kindness, his incredible gift for providing messages from spirit guides and delivering deep emotional clarity. 

The Details: A 50-minute psychic reading costs around £150 – be prepared to sign up to a waiting list.



Susie Darling

If you’re at a crossroads in your life, numerology could point you in the right spiritual direction. Using your name and date of birth, numerology provides you with unique insights into your life, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, others and how you relate to the world. A supportive psychic medium and numerologist, Susie also offers a psychic reading that incorporates tarot and divination. In these 60-minute sessions, Susie works with your auric energy field and spirit guides to help you find clarity, inspiration and comfort on your path ahead. At the end of the session, you’ll receive a detailed 12-month energy forecast to help you make better decisions in the months ahead.

The Details: A 60-minute virtual numerology session costs £125.

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Sade Jackson

If phrases such as ‘Mercury retrograde’ and ‘rising signs’ are already part of your lingo, book in with astrologer Sade Jackson. Armed with your date and time of birth, Sade will provide a hyper-personalised astrological reading that covers your love life and relationships, social life, thinking and creativity, and life purpose – think of it as your cosmic map. For short-term insights, Sade also offers solar return chart readings, which can help you predict what may come to life in a 12-month window. These sessions explore significant life changes you may experience and advice on how to harness your unique planetary energies for a happier outcome.

The Details: An initial birth chart reading – done over Zoom – costs £105.

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Emma Lucy Knowles

Those in the know turn to healer and clairvoyant Emma Lucy Knowles. Having first noticed unexplained senses when she was seven, Emma Lucy now uses her spiritual skills to help others overcome trauma and pain, unlock their power and live a more balanced life. Her signature treatment consists of four sessions over four days – starting with an in-person energy healing and psychic reading (she refers to it as an eight-hour sleep in one), followed by three distant healing sessions. A one-hour crystal, aura and spiritual consultation – which finishes with a bespoke healing meditation using messaging from spirits – also gets the SL seal of approval. Those with unexplained fears or phobias should try a Take It Back session, which uses hypnotherapy and past life regression.

The Details: The signature treatment – consisting of four sessions – costs £340.



Tree Carr

You may not think much of your dreams, but hidden within them are personal insights that make us better problem -solvers, smarter decision -makers and better at managing stress. If you’re experiencing recurring dreams, nightmares or struggle with insomnia, Tree can help you unpick what’s going on and help you move forward. A Ted-X speaker and author, Tree is also a master tarot reader and grief doula – book a grief support session for 60 minutes of grief work, meditation, energy clearing and a closure ritual to help you after the death of a loved one. 

The Details: A one-hour dream analysis, done over Zoom, costs £85.


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