6 Easy Steps To Soft, Tousled Waves

6 Easy Steps To Soft, Tousled Waves

If you’re a serial straightener user, you’ll know they’re not the best for your hair. Thankfully, innovation in the beauty world moves fast and now, there are products like the L’Oréal Professionnel’s Steampod 3.0 which exist to make achieving salon-worthy results at home easy. Combining a built-in comb with high-pressure, gentle steam, it causes minimal damage. Here’s how it does it – plus a demo from SL deputy editor Charlotte Collins.


The Steampod 3.0 Facts:

Not only is steam kinder to hair, it’s also effective at creating smooth, glossy results. The L’Oréal Professionnel SteamPod 3.0 is said to cause 91%* less damage in comparison to other heat stylers. The sleek, ceramic plates are designed to minimise frizz, so you never notice that ‘frazzled’ smell from tools which run too hot. The benefits don’t end there – it’s also said to work twice as fast** as traditional stylers, reducing the appearance of split ends for salon-worthy results. 

* Measured as breakage with repeated combing after 15 uses on bleached hair. Compared to Steampod 3.0 without steam and comb.
**Instrumental test, compared to Steampod 3.0 without steam and comb.​


The Key Additions:

With a 360° rotative cord, it’s easy to use and create several different styles – be it straight hair, bouncy waves or a more laid-back, beachy effect. It also has a built-in comb that detangles as you go. Finally, extra points go to the light mist which impart moisture into the hair as you style for extra shine.


The Best Way To Use It: Our Own Charlotte Collins Shares Her Step-By-Step Advice...


Step #1: Start With Good Prep

“To begin, I gave my hair a layer of protection with L’Oréal Professionnel’s Steam Activated Milk. Designed to leave behind an invisible shield, it minimises damage and helps you to style without causing frizz. It’s also full of keratin, which strengthens and adds shine.” 

Step #2: Fill It With Water

 “Next it was time to fill up the tank. Simply pop out the plastic attachment (this sits on the top of the tool), take the white tube and fill it with water before choosing your go-to heat setting – there are three different ones, from 180°C to 210°C, depending on your hair thickness and individual preference. Once you’ve set it, you’ll find you get a constant heat that doesn’t burn or fluctuate, so you always get even distribution. I used it at 200°C, holding my finger down until it was ready to go.”

Step #3: Start By Straightening

“My hair is thick, so I always like to start with a sleek base to get the best curl. Using the SteamPod, I ran it through my hair, straightening it for smooth results – it has a handy comb attached to it that makes the process more seamless.”

Step #4: Curl From The Front To The Back

“Once I was ready to get curling, I removed the built-in comb and got to work on the waves. I always like to start at the front and work backwards. In order to get a bouncy, full curl, I took the SteamPod midway up my hair, rotating the curl at 180°C, wrapping it round, then pulling it straight down. It’s the best technique for a smooth, full-bodied wave.”


Step #5: Work In Varying Directions

“I worked from the front to the back of my hair for this look, but to keep things full and effortless, I created the curls in different directions – some facing inwards and some outwards. Not only does this give more of a tousled effect, it helps to frame your face properly. Doing it this way also gives a softer finish and never that corkscrew, tight wave that looks so unnatural.”


Step #6: Finish By Boosting Volume

“After working round the hair, I used my fingers to break everything up and loosen some of the waves, giving it a little scrunch as I went for extra volume – it’s a great way to relax the style. Just try not to overdo it – too much can flatten your hair. Once I was finished, I checked over any areas where I’d started the wave too low, then used the SteamPod to go up a little higher and recreate the curl for extra impact.” 


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