6 Easy Ways To Shape & Perfect Eyebrows

6 Easy Ways To Shape & Perfect Eyebrows

We’re all aware of the beauty industry’s obsession with brows, and they continue to be one of Google’s most popular search terms. But how can we keep them groomed ourselves in between appointments? From the best tools to use at home, to the areas you should never pluck, we asked the experts to share their top tips…

Keep Plucking To A Minimum

“If you’re shaping your brows at home, pluck only those hairs that are outside the full shape of your brow and avoid touching the ones close to your brow arch,” says Brow Bar London expert, Yana Gushchina. “If you over pluck that area, you’re more at risk of ending up with a different shape entirely, and that hair is really hard to grow back. Avoid the arch of your brows and never pluck from the top – follow that rule and you can’t go too far wrong.”


Pick Up A Pencil

“A pencil is a great tool to define the shape of your brow and give a tint that’s not permanent – DIY tints can go so wrong. Plus, everyone has a pencil to hand, so it’s simple,” adds CEO & Founder of Blink Brow Bar, Vanita Parti. “I always advise getting a slightly darker shade than your brows for extra enhancement. Place the pencil at the edge of your nose straight up, and where it hits your eyebrow is where the hairs should begin. Then, swivel it from your nose to your iris – this is where the arch should be positioned. Finally, swivel again from your nose to the end of your eye, and where the pencil hits the brow is where they end. It’s also useful to take a concealer pencil and mark where the boundaries are so you don’t get pluck happy.”


Don’t Believe Any Myths

“People often believe their brows will grow back within a month – they don’t,” Yana adds. “Eyebrows usually take four to six months to spring back to their normal shape. You also need to take care of them like you do your skin. Hydrate and nourish them daily – use usma oil, which encourages growth and keeps any dryness underneath the brow hairs at bay.”


Choose Your Tools Wisely

“If you’ve not already got one, order yourself a tweezer that has a very slanted tip,” explains Founder of The Vaishaly Clinic, Vaishaly Patel. “Use a pencil to draw a sharp line from front to end of your brows in an upward angle towards the arch. Once you’ve done this, follow this line when you begin to pluck – that way you can never overdo it. Use the angle of the tip along the line you’ve drawn to produce a nice clean line and even shape.”


Invest In A Good Spoolie

“Use a tamer/spoolie to brush your brows up into place,” explains Vanita. “You can then determine where the excess hair is that you need to remove. You may also want to use nail scissors instead of tweezers to snip any hairs that are poking out awkwardly. This allows for precision, without taking things directly from the root. Spoolie brushes are also brilliant for brushing through any product you’ve applied – it allows for a softer, more even finish and removes any unwanted product.”


Let Your Hairs Grow

“A key tip everyone needs to take on board is to not remove too many hairs by yourself,” adds Yana. “If you’ve already achieved the desired shape or you’re still in the process – don’t touch them. Remember that some hairs never grow back. We see so many women who are struggling with this problem after fixing them by themselves and going overboard. The only upside to staying at home during this period of self-isolation period is that you can let your brows grow to their original shape, then look forward to a professional perfecting them for you. You’ll be much more impressed by the results if you let them grow out first.”

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