The SL Directory: Laser Hair Removal Clinics
The SL Directory: Laser Hair Removal Clinics

The SL Directory: Laser Hair Removal Clinics

Laser hair removal has come a long way in recent years – now suitable for most skin tones and hair types, it’s also more affordable and less painful. If, like our SL Community, you're wondering where to go and with what kind of budget, we’ve rounded up the most reputable and recommended therapists and clinics to point you in the right direction.
By Rebecca Hull

Thérapie Clinic

Best For Accessible Service

Thérapie Clinic has more than 60 locations across the UK and Ireland, and laser hair removal is one of its most requested treatments. It uses Cynosure IQ machines, which cater to all skin types and are designed to eliminate up to 90% of hair after just ten sessions – on average, each session kills off 8-10% of hair regrowth. You’re in safe hands too, with experienced doctors ensuring the safest and gentlest results.


Skin Matters Studio

Best Instant Results

Offering bespoke treatments using the latest skincare technology, Joanne Evans’s Skin Matters Studio is one of the most relaxing spaces we’ve tried. The calm environment offers an exceptional service that feels more like a pamper session than a grooming necessity. Using an Ellipse SWT removal device, hair follicles are destroyed by controlled pulses of light and heat, so new hairs can't grow back. You’ll need a series of treatments to guarantee long-term results but expect to see a visible difference after just a couple of sessions.


EF Medispa

Best For Sensitive Skin

With over ten years of experience in laser hair removal, you’re in good hands at EF Medispa. The therapists are careful and considerate, so the whole procedure is taken very slowly. They advise six sessions in total, spaced four to six weeks apart to ensure sensitivity is minimal.


Young LDN

Best For Different Hair Types

Young LDN treats all skin tones and most hair types. Using a combination of Nd:YAG and Alexandrite lasers, the treatment targets large surface areas with wavelengths that are designed to keep pain to a minimum – fewer pulses are required with these types of devices. It also targets follicles deep down at the root for longer-lasting results and gets into all those hard-to-reach areas for optimum smoothness. All the therapists are trained to the same standard, but we really recommend Bianka, whose attention to detail is second to none. Prices start at just £50 for smaller areas, which is competitive.


London Premier Laser & Skin

Best For All Skin Tones

SL Community Recommends

Promising up to a 90% reduction in body hair, London Premier has been voted one of the best clinics for laser hair removal. With eight sites across London, Surrey and Kent, its services are easily accessible and it also offers affordable treatment plans. Popular areas of treatment include the legs, back, chest, bikini line and underarms. Plus, if you have a darker skin tone, you can take advantage of a special service with a unique laser to prevent hyperpigmentation. Always book an e-consultation first to check you’re eligible and to share any other skincare concerns.



Best For Those On A Budget

For effective treatments on a budget, you can’t beat Sk:n clinics. Accessible nationwide, they’re the UK’s leading laser specialists, and can do groups of courses together (around six) for a more cost-effective treatment plan. Offering hair removal for the chin, jawline, upper lip, bikini line and lower legs (to name a few), there’s something for everyone. What’s more, Sk:n clinics offer a free aftercare package to ensure skin stays smooth, calm and irritation free – as well as protected from the sun.


Urban Retreat At The White House

Best Luxe Experience

For a more luxury experience, look no further than Urban Retreat at The White House. It uses Soprano Titanium – an award-winning hair removal device – to treat all skin types and tones. While more expensive than others on this list, you get your money’s worth via the level of knowledge and speed of sessions, most of which are virtually pain free. Just bear in mind that a consultation and patch test will be required before any treatment.


Sam Larkin At NuYu London

Best For Low Pain Thresholds

SL Community Recommends

Thanks to a unique Soprano Ice laser technique, Nuyu London’s clients rave about its ability to deliver a virtually painless experience. At most, they say you’ll feel a gentle warming sensation during your first few sessions. Located in Primrose Hill, it doesn't come cheap, but we love that the clinic takes the time to understand each customer’s individual needs so it can offer a tailored service, complete with expert aftercare advice.


HC Med Spa

Best For Innovative IPL Devices

Using the Soprano titanium device – which is known as being one of the most effective at minimising pain – HC Med Spa is a popular clinic in North West London. Offering packages with attractive discounts, it’s a great place to book bulk treatments – it’s also an award-winning clinic for its expertise and therapists who are efficient and meticulous (we recommend Rabbia). Each treatment works for all skin and hair types and promises to reduce ingrown hairs too – a common side effect of any removal treatment. 


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