Do You Need A Make-Up Setting Spray?

While a primer may already be a staple in your make-up routine, chances are you’re less familiar with a setting spray. Guaranteed to give your make-up staying power – whatever the day (or night) throws at you – the latest arrivals on the beauty shelves promise longevity plus a whole host of skincare benefits. We explain how they work and how to choose the best formulas for your skin type…


A Topcoat For Your Make-Up

Think of setting sprays like a sealant. They work to hold your make-up (particularly heavy-duty wear) firmly in place, while protecting it from smearing and smudging. That’s why make-up artists swear by them, particularly for big events, like weddings, the red carpet or for a poolside summer party. The clever, transparent formula will dry quickly after you’ve spritzed it on. Be sure to leave it to settle for five or so minutes before you start touching your face – otherwise you might find it rub off slightly.

Ditch Make-Up Meltdowns

Thanks to the abundant options now available, setting sprays are suitable for all skin types and will avoid any unwanted make-up meltdown. Ideal for long days, nights out or balmy summer afternoons, this clever piece of kit should have a place on everyone’s bathroom shelf. For those with dry or irritable skin, try NYX’s Bare With Me Prime Set Refresh Spray for its added skincare benefits with juicy aloe vera. 

The Perfect Smokey Eye

Get the most out of your setting spray is by spritzing it onto your eyeshadow brush before you apply your shadows. Not only will it keep the colour going for hours, it will also give a liquid metal effect that’s super pigmented – perfect for a night out, or when you want to enhance your smokey eye. Another hack is to use it to moisten your foundation sponge for a wet-look finish. The moisture from the spray will help with blending and smoothing your base evenly across your face. Some sprays even offer SPF50 and work as fantastic protection when time is at a premium. 

Spritz Each Step

You would usually spray it on straight after you’ve finished applying your make-up, but if you’re after a more waterproof solution, spritz it on after each step of your make-up application. So, after your base, eyes, blush and powder for full protection. 

The Best Performing Formulas Contain This

The reason setting sprays work so well is down to their unique formulas that contain different types of polymer and alcohol. This combination of ingredients works well to lock everything down firmly. And while alcohol can be drying on certain skin types, the formulas that include it usually perform better as they have more staying power. It’s just like hairspray – the more alcohol content, the higher the level of the hold. Be sure to follow up with a heavy moisturiser the following day, and remember setting sprays aren’t for everyday use, so only use them sparingly when you really need it. 

Select For Your Skin Type

Whether you want a glossy or matte finish or are seeking one that hydrates, there are plenty of options out there. A make-up artist go-to is Urban Decay’s Summer Solstice Spray as it uses Temperature Control Technology to ensure everything is budge-proof, even in the most humid conditions. Suffer with oily skin? Try Huda Beauty’s Resting Boss Face. It’s an oil-controlling spray that works hard to keep excess shine at bay. 


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