Georgia Day’s Favourite Affordable Beauty Buys
Georgia Day’s Favourite Affordable Beauty Buys

Georgia Day’s Favourite Affordable Beauty Buys

From a hardworking body moisturiser that comes in under £5 to the mascara that delivers fuller lashes every time, these are the affordable beauty buys SL contributor Georgia Day wouldn’t be without.
By Georgia Day

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The All-Over Hydrator

Although I like to think I’m diligent with my beauty routine, I recently let slip to a friend that I didn’t moisturise my body every day. Judging by her horrified expression, I realised it was something I had to rectify immediately. The problem is, while I love the feel of soft, freshly slathered limbs, I have zero patience and a long list of non-negotiable requirements including: I don’t want to wait ages to get dressed, so I need something that absorbs as soon as it hits my skin; I like a little scent but nothing too overpowering; I absolutely don’t want to worry about anything staining my clothes; finally, while I want the softness to last, I hate the feeling of product pilling on my skin as the day wears on, so it has to be thick without being too rich.

If you make similarly high-maintenance demands of your body lotion, then you’ll be ecstatic to know I have found possibly the best ever moisturiser. It is, drum roll please, Garnier’s Body Superfood and it comes in four iterations depending on how dry your skin is. I’ve tried them all and can vouch for their efficacy and the fact that they’re scented but not too heavily. The tubs are huge and very reasonable ( they’re often on offer), which means you can be as generous as you like with this kind of product. As for me, I’ve finally seen the light and am very much enjoying my newly nourished skin, so this is one habit I intend to keep.

The Cost-Effective Cleanser

Given the choice, I’ll always choose a balm textured cleanser over anything else. If you’re yet to try one, there’s no skin type that won’t benefit. Brilliant at removing dirt, make-up, grime and pollution, they cosset and nourish dry skin while helping to balance oily skin. Because I like packing as much as possible into every stage of my skincare routine, I always opt for those that are loaded with intelligent ingredients that are going to restore as much as they take off. If you’re assuming that means an expensive formulation, think again.

Coming in at a very modest £11.99 for a 150ml tube, The INKEY List’s Oat Cleansing Balm is a year-round staple in my skincare kit. The formula itself is super gentle with colloidal oatmeal to soothe redness, oat kernel oil to brighten and balance, and ceramides to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. The balm texture is thick enough to enable you to really knead and knuckle it into your skin. A little goes a long way, so you only need a 2p piece-sized blob, but do take the time to spend a good couple of minutes working it in to really see the benefits.

The Scented Candle

I am a scented candle obsessive and, unfortunately for me, it’s an addiction that can get very expensive. Thank god then for Rituals whose scented candles I have come to love – not just for their price point but for their ambient scents and seemingly endless burn time. While it’s rare to find a nice candle under the £30 mark, Rituals specialise in exactly that. Although most clock in just over £25, I am pleased to say that several are on sale now for just £18.50, meaning you can treat yourself and your space to a freshen up with plenty of change left over. The other thing to note, aside from the grown-up scents that belie their modest price tag (I love Ritual of Hammam at this time of year with its spring-like eucalyptus and rosemary aroma) are the pretty fluted glass vessels. They come in a variety of plain colours and so are perfect for complementing any interiors scheme.

At £11.99, The INKEY List’s Oat Cleansing Balm is a staple for me. The formula is gentle with CERAMIDES THAT STRENGTHEN THE SKIN’S NATURAL BARRIER.

The Must-Have Mascara

When it comes to make-up, there are certain products worth splashing out on. Foundation, for example, is worth it if you can because finding the right shade and formula (usually with added skincare benefits) is essential. When it comes to mascara though, I am resolute that you won’t find many better than those in your local branch of Boots. My latest obsession can be found exactly there and is one of the best I’ve tried. L’Oréal’s Telescopic Lift Mascara delivers volume, length and lift thanks to a fancy new brush that I’ve not seen anywhere else. A sort of one-sided, semi-curved hook that catches the hairs and coats them in glossy ink, it claims to make your lashes look 5mm longer and I for one am inclined to agree. I love that it doesn’t clump, no matter how much I layer it, and that I don’t have to choose between longer or thicker. I’m preparing to stockpile.

The Skin-Strengthening Serum

Although I use serums year round, I get through them quicker than ever at this time of year. If, like me, your hydration demands are extensive, then I urge you to give this serum a go because it is both excellent and affordable. Byoma’s Hydrating Serum contains humectants like glycerin for adding extra moisture, ceramides for boosting hydration and looking after the skin barrier, and emollients like squalane for trapping moisture and delivering lasting softness. Texture-wise, it’s not sticky and is absorbed instantly, which means it layers beautifully over cleansed skin and under moisturiser or SPF. If you’re tempted to try anything else from this straightforward but smart range, then I can highly recommend the Hydrating Recovery Oil which brought my skin back to life after a nasty cold zapped its glow.

The Bargain Bathing Buy

If you’re a regular reader of this column, you’ll know that baths features very high on my list of my favourite things to do. Plonk me in the tub with some candles, snacks and an apothecary chest full of lotions and potions and I am a very happy hippo. And while I’ve had the pleasure of trying all manner of posh potions in my time, it’s something altogether humbler that I will be forever faithful to. Enter, Westlab Bath Salts. Now, bath salts may not have the glamour of a silky oil or the frothy frivolity of a foam, but don’t underestimate their superpowers. Feeling achy after exercise? Chuck a load of Epsom Salts in the water. Skin feeling itchy and out of sorts? You need Dead Sea Salts. Feeling run down and running on empty? Magnesium Flakes will induce a restful and restorative sleep. Want to pretend you’re bathing in a lake in a Nordic forest? Try the Recover Bath Salts and thank me later. When it comes to how much to use, the general consensus is that generosity is key; I like to throw in two big mugs’ worth of salts then sit and stew for at least 20 minutes to let them do their thing. That’s easy to do when everything from Westlab is so affordable – whether it’s a dainty 1kg bag or a gigantic 25kg lifetime supply.

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