How To Get Your Arms Ready For Summer

How To Get Your Arms Ready For Summer

Even when people say there’s nothing wrong with your arms, if you’re conscious of them, then you likely want to do something about it. From the importance of a good body brush to the treatments which promise quick results, here two experts share their advice on improving their appearance.

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Legology founder, Kate Shapland shares her at-home arm prep tips…

Don’t Underestimate Body Brushing

“Arms are similar to your legs. They can look a bit grim at the start of summer, but you can bring them round quickly with good exfoliation and regular body brushing. Daily body brushing with a natural bristle brush is often underestimated, but it’s a great – and cost-effective – way of keeping your skin looking smooth. It’s also something which is vital in between exfoliation. Try incorporating body brushing into your routine at least weekly, and always follow up with a nourishing cream. With regular use, a dry brush will promote lymphatic drainage and prevent puffiness by keeping your body’s natural waste disposal system moving along. You only need to do quick flicks towards the heart. It will bring freshly-oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood to the surface of your skin, plumping it up and giving it a refreshed tone.” 

Beat KP Early 

“There’s a raft of products dedicated to treating keratosis pilaris (red chicken skin) now. It’s great because straight exfoliation won’t do the trick. The key is to tackle the problem early, as soon as winter is over, or better still, keep up with it all year. Look for body products that contain the following ingredients: alpha hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid and urea. All will work well to break down dead cells and smooth surface tone. Retinol is worth trying, too, or bakuchiol, a plant-derived retinol which research shows performs well on hyper pigmented skin. Many people have had great success with professional microdermabrasion, too.” 

Get Your Weights Out

“Products and dry brushing only go so far. Weights are an essential addition if you really want to tone up. Though arm shape stays consistent throughout your life, muscle tone is the main variable and the best way to improve a slackened appearance is with weight training. Slot some regular arm time into your leg days at the gym. Use weights that are 1lb in each hand or find some you can attach to your wrists. If your budget is limited, try using a tin of beans at home and do a few sets of bicep curls and triceps kickbacks. This, combined with body brushing, will smooth and tone within just a few sessions.”

Apply Your SPF 

“This sounds basic but using a sunscreen when your arms are exposed – especially the lower part – is paramount. It’s the best way to prevent dark spots appearing and also stops the destruction of elastin and collagen to keep your arms bouncy and firm. In the UK, premature ageing usually hits the right arm – the one that’s usually nearest the window in your car. Even if it’s a cloudy day, the sun can still come through the glass, so keep your protection as high as possible at all times.” 



World-renowned lymphatic drainage expert, Flavia Morellato, shares the techniques to adopt for smoother-looking arms…

Be Firm 

“There’s no doubt about it, massaging your arms will promote improved, circulation, which in turn, will drain excess fluids, hormones and toxins. And, if you do it regularly enough, you’ll see an improvement in the appearance of your skin. It’s important to be firm and fast when you work as it’s the best way to break down the fat molecules. These types of movements will also stimulate the production of collagen, which will help better shape and tone your arm muscles.” 

Do Three Manoeuvres 

“There are three manoeuvres worth trying at home to improve firmness and muscle tone. First, start with the palm of your hand facing forward, with your forearm resting on your knee. With your other hand closed, make the movement with a clenched fist and use your knuckles to massage. This should be firm and rhythmic from your elbow to shoulder – always work from bottom up. You should – ideally – repeat this process at least 30 times, using a cream that can stimulate the skin. For the second move, try using a roll of cling film or noodles, sliding all over the biceps region and on the sides of the arms. Again, this should be repeated consistently. Finally, the third technique is called ‘the bracelet.’ This can be done with your arms raised in the Popeye position. With the arms raised, fix a bracelet – you can order arm rings online, too – to the arm, then using the opposite hand, use firm and repetitive movements to move it upwards toward your armpits. This will take liquids to your lymph nodes for better circulation. Keep repeating this until you see some slight redness. It’s a great way to consume fat molecules, especially when you use rigorous movements. Right after self-massage, give weight training a go, but if you can’t reach the gym, a series of jumping jacks are as effective with three sets at intervals of a minute each.” 

Intersperse Everything With Fitness

“Massage should absolutely be mixed with specific physical exercises for your arms. Aim for three times a week alternated with the self-massage. By doing isometric exercises and using the bodies weight, you can achieve incredible results. As for products, invest in creams that have stimulates like lipolytic principles. Likewise, anything that has black pepper, arnica, menthol or caffeine will have an impact on the skin. The SA Smoothing Cream from CeraVe is great. It has a thick texture and contains 10% urea and salicylic acid. It improves the appearance of your skin in as little as three days. Another option is Neostrata’s Strong Lotion. With a high percentage of glycolic acid (15%) it’s incredibly easy to spread and leaves your skin visibly renewed. If you can tolerate it, the results are impressive.” 


From the non-invasive options to the ones that yield quick results, here are the treatments to try…

“Prevention alongside preparation is key,” finishes Kate. “Soft surgeries like lasers and light therapies – including Fraxel and Ulthera – can work wonders on lacklustre, crepe-y skin. They are known for offering speedy results, as are treatments like CoolSculpting. Just be sure to do your research thoroughly before committing, and always ask for advice and a thorough consultation first.”


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