How To Maintain Your Glow Over Christmas & New Year
How To Maintain Your Glow Over Christmas & New Year

How To Maintain Your Glow Over Christmas & New Year

Glowing skin is always the goal during the festive season, but the late nights may be starting to show by now. To help you maintain fresh skin through to Christmas day and beyond, we’ve called on Adeola Gboyega for her best tips and product recommendations across skincare, make-up and supplements.
By Adeola Gboyega

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Exfoliation has always been one of my favourite steps in my skincare routine because it’s the key to revealing brighter, fresher skin. It works by removing dead skin cells and debris that can leave your skin looking dull, and it’s also a great way to prep skin for make-up. During the festive period, I like to use an exfoliator at least twice a week, such as the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel Pack. It smooths out any texture and gives you a flawless canvas from which to work. Just be aware that it’s quite potent – anyone with sensitive skin or acne should tread with caution. You don’t want to irritate anything or encourage a flare up right before Christmas Day.

Lip Repair

I can’t be the only one whose lips suffer at this time of year. Between the cold weather, central heating and increased alcohol consumption, our lips can become cracked, dry and sore. There is nothing worse than having a glowing complexion and dry, cracked lips, especially when you want to wear your favourite lipstick. Recently, I’ve been using heavy-duty lip masks to nourish and hydrate mine – apply them overnight for an intensive treatment or for at least ten minutes before applying lipstick to ensure your lips are prepped and primed. The new Fenty Beauty Plush Puddin Intensive Recovery Lip Mask will flood the delicate skin with moisture for juicy, luscious-looking results.

At-Home Facial Treatments

It is not always easy to carve out time for a professional facial, especially in the lead up to Christmas. If I have a special occasion in mind, I love nothing more than using a quick face mask to rejuvenate my skin. The MZ Skin Hydra-Lift Golden Facial Treatment Mask is saturated with niacinamide, vitamin C and collagen to plump and firm the skin. After leaving the mask on for 20 minutes, my skin is so radiant and smooth – it’s hard to believe I haven’t forked out over £100 for a proper facial. For more of a long-term boost, you might consider investing in an LED light therapy mask, which will boost collagen production, encourage skin healing and improve overall texture. Great for the New Year, when everyone’s skin looks a little worse for wear.

Complexion Boosters

Even if your skin is properly exfoliated and hydrated, you want a couple of products on hand that will boost your complexion and give your skin a healthy radiant glow. The OPV Beauty Skin Gold Primer (Joy Adenuga) is infused with gold pigments to illuminate the skin and is flattering on all skin tones – you can either wear it alone, underneath your base or mix it in with your foundation. Another great tip is to use a foundation with added skincare benefits, as these formulas are designed to revitalise your skin while you’re wearing them. We tend to wear a lot more make-up during the festive period, so you can rest assured your skin is being looked after at the same time.


For me, beauty is about taking a 360° approach, which means looking after myself from the inside out. That’s where supplements can be really beneficial in helping your skin look its best. The Natural Marine Collagen Sachets from Vida Glow are great because they can be used on the go and easily integrated into your daily routine. They’re collagen based, which is clinically proven to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin firmness and enhance skin elasticity. I also swear by omega 3 supplements which contain essential fatty acids to improve skin barrier function and keep your complexion looking moisturised and radiant.

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