Meet The New Bodycare Range We Can’t Get Enough Of
Meet The New Bodycare Range We Can’t Get Enough Of

Meet The New Bodycare Range We Can’t Get Enough Of

Escentric Molecules is best known for its single-note 'Molecule' fragrances – the warm, woody scents that adapt to each wearer are unlike anything else on the market. Now, it’s expanding into bodycare, with body washes and lotions too. Containing proven-to-work ingredients, each one is a treat for your skin as well as the senses – here’s what you need to know…

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About Escentric Molecules

Escentric Molecules launched in 2006 with its first scent ’01’ – which is now recognised as one of the most iconic fragrances of all time. Created by perfumer Geza Schoen, the brand wanted to focus on one key ingredient – ‘Iso E Super’ – which had been used in perfumery since the mid-1970s. Warm, velvety and full of amber and woody notes, it has a distinctive quality to it. Since the launch of 01, Escentric Molecules has created a total of 16 fragrances: five Molecule fragrances, five fragrances as part of the Escentric range and six from the M range.

Why It’s Different

The Escentric Molecules fragrances really are unique to every wearer – each one blends with your natural pheromones, creating a standout scent that’s truly personal to you. They work with your own skin chemistry to create a more powerful, impactful scent. Never cloying or overbearing, it’s easy to see why Kate Moss and Madonna are fans.

The New Ranges

Combining unique fragrance notes and high-quality skincare ingredients, Escentric Molecules is now expanding into bodycare. In each product, biomimetic active ingredients work with the skin’s natural biochemical processes, getting right into the dermis to hydrate, balance and calm skin, while natural oils like squalane, jojoba and shea butter nourish skin and reduce inflammation. Meanwhile, castor oil and hyaluronic acid trap moisture in your skin and hold it there, giving limbs a smoother, suppler appearance.

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Fans of musky, clean scents will love the E02 body duo. Their fresh, mineral quality is really addictive, while green jasmine is reminiscent of a gin and tonic. The fragrance is crisp, comforting and guaranteed to wake up your senses.

Escentric 02 Body Lotion, £48
Escentric 02 Body Wash, £38



Vetiver, grapefruit, ginger and green peppercorn are what make E03 so distinct. Both the Body Wash and Lotion are fresh, but with a musky, animalistic quality we love. The ginger note is nicely balanced by a selection of citrus notes.

Escentric 03 Body Lotion, £48
Escentric 03 Body Wash, £38


For those craving that summer feel, the E05 Body Wash and Lotion are the perfect choice. Blending cashmeran notes with pine resin, bergamot, orange and fig, this is a scent that’s sunny and aromatic – perfect for the season ahead.

Escentric 05 Body Lotion, £48
Escentric 05 Body Wash, £38

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