Semi-Permanent Make-Up Is Huge Right Now – Here’s Why

Cosmetics tattoos are having a renaissance, but they’re not what they used to be. Now called ‘semi-permanent make-up’ they’ve got a lot more sophisticated. From long-lasting lip blushes to hairstroke brows and eyeliner tattoos, the techniques, tools and even the inks they use have all improved drastically for impressive results. Tracie Giles – whose subtle touch makes her a go-to expert – explains the treatments available, why they’ve become so popular, and the importance of thorough research…

Demand Has Risen Due To Our Lifestyle & Needs

“We live in a world where people are busier and more conscious of their appearance than ever before, which is why semi-permanent make-up offers a great solution. Not only does it save you time, it has the ability to completely transform your look. It allows you to wake up with your make-up already expertly applied, plus it gives you a great base for applying conventional products. Another benefit is the treatments can be completely tailored to you and your unique features to enhance what you naturally have.”

Brow Treatments Are Popular, But It Doesn’t End There

“Brows put permanent make-up on the map. Microblading and digital tattooing are the two main options – they are essentially just different methods of implanting pigment into the skin. Microblading uses a small, hand-held blade, whereas digital tattooing uses an electrically powered handpiece and needle – more like conventional tattoos. There’s so much that can be done now: from very natural hairstroke brows to more defined ombre and powder brows. However, brows aren’t the only target for permanency. At Tracie Giles London we’ve seen a huge surge in lip blush treatments and eyeliner tattooing. The former creates a full blush of colour across the lips, while adding definition and creating the illusion of volume. The eyeliner can be done as a subtle lash enhancer or a more dramatic liquid-look. Likewise, if you’re not blessed with freckles, these can also now be created for you.”

It Can Be Used To Disguise Issues

“Semi-permanent treatments are bespoke, so they’re designed to work with your facial features and suit your unique style. They can be used to disguise any scarring and also pigmentation for smoother-looking skin. The mental health aspect of these treatments cannot be underestimated – especially after the last year.”

If you have to spend a little more to get the best results, do it. You are altering your face and this can’t be hidden or changed easily, so make sure you choose the best.

Research Is Paramount

“The semi-permanent make-up industry is largely unregulated, which means you must do your research before choosing your clinic or artist. For most pros, their Instagram or other social media accounts are their portfolios of work, so take a look there first and make sure their work matches your desired style and outcome. I recommend messaging the artist, asking them questions and making sure you feel confident in their responses and knowledge. Take a look online at their website and read through their reviews. It’s essential you check to see if they have any industry accreditations too – this will validate their claims and prove they are operating at a high standard. Finally, don’t be driven by price. We’re seeing more and more people come to see us after having it done cheaper elsewhere. If you have to spend a little more to get the best results, do it. You are altering your face and this can’t be hidden or changed easily, so make sure you choose the best.” 

There’s Minimal Pain 

“Semi-permanent make-up is a non-invasive treatment. Most clients don’t experience any pain as we apply a numbing gel before and during the treatment to minimise any discomfort. Any pain definitely isn’t enough to stop clients returning for retouches or further treatment. What is worth noting is the healing period post-treatment. This will be roughly two weeks and during this time you should avoid getting the area wet (outside of the aftercare cleansing protocol), direct sunlight, strenuous exercise, wearing conventional make-up and facials. Everyone can experience semi-permanent treatments, but if you’re on long-term medication, pregnant or breastfeeding, there’s a high chance we can’t perform certain procedures.” 

Results Last A Long Time

“How long results last depends on the individual client. It’s determined by factors including your lifestyle and the technique and pigments your artist has used. As a general rule, results last two to three years and can be maintained indefinitely with regular retouches. At Tracie Giles London, we offer discounted annual retouches for clients wanting to keep their pigment fresh. Although the treatment is an investment, chances are you will end up buying conventional make-up less, so you may see long-term savings as a result.”

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Suzanne Martin at The Lanesborough Club & Spa

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