Why Zara’s New Beauty Line Is Worth Every Penny

Why Zara’s New Beauty Line Is Worth Every Penny

It's no surprise the world’s gone a bit giddy over Zara’s new beauty line, and curated by renowned make-up artist Diane Kendal, it doesn’t disappoint. Effective, inclusive and full of innovative products, the entire range is sustainable, too. Here’s what you need to know...


Lips, eyes, face, nails and essential tools are all to be found in this highly covetable range. Designed with sustainability in mind, everything is cruelty-free and designed to be refilled – except the nail colours which come housed in recyclable, eco-chic glass. There is something for everyone to try – from soft, pigmented shadows, to jelly lip oils and velvet-y glosses, the line-up is vast, with a playful feel that’s not too intimidating. Expect to find plenty of suits-all shades, while the high-quality, natural ingredients lend the formulas a malleable quality, so they’re easy to build up, layer and work with. Extra points go to the sleek black-and-white packaging that belies the affordable price tag.


To help curate a line of cosmetics that felt inclusive and on-trend, Zara joined forces with world-renowned make-up artist, Diane Kendal. Known for her playful editorial and fresh runway looks, she’s always at the forefront of innovation. “When Zara approached me to lead the creative direction of Zara Beauty, it was an opportunity to make something that everyone would want to use,” explains Diane. “Zara has always reached such a diverse audience, and I wanted to bring that same big vision to beauty with a collection that’s clean, refillable and accessible to all. I’m really proud of what we have created: an expansive array of consciously unique formulas for eyes, lips, face, and nails.” 

Bronzing Powders | £14.99
Bronzing Powders | £14.99


Diane wasn’t exaggerating when she called the line ‘expansive’. Not only are there a wide selection of products available, the collection is also launching with over 130 colours. This includes six lip products (matte, satin, demi-matte, lip oils and glosses), six eyeshadow palettes, loose metallic pigments, bronzers, blush palettes and highlighters, too. That’s all before you’ve got to the nail polishes, which includes 39 shades. You’ll also find six make-up brushes – designed to tackle everything from powder to blusher. And because this is only the initial launch, you can also expect much more as the range expands and grows. 


In keeping with Zara’s overall ethos, everything in the entire line is accessible. Prices range from £9.99 to £17.99, with refills starting at just £3.99.

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