5 Easy Styling Hacks To Try

5 Easy Styling Hacks To Try

Ever wish you could tuck your jumper without it looking bulky? Or push up your sleeve so it stays there all day? Here are five easy styling hacks worth knowing about.

The Belt Bobble 

To tuck in a loose belt when you don’t have a trouser loop... 

Step 1: Take a hair bobble and loop it around the back between the trousers and your belt.

Step 2: Loop one end through the other to fasten it around the belt, leaving one loop loose.

Step 3: Feed the loose part of the belt strap through the loop to secure it against the waistband. 

Step 4: Slide the bobble up and down the belt to adjust.


The Quick-Fix Tailoring Trick

To give baggy jeans a snugger fit round the waist...

Step 1: Take the top button and pass it through the belt loop closest to it (on the same side of the fly).

Step 2: Button up as normal.

Step 3: Voila! Your waistband will fit tighter.


The Hair Bobble Fold

To fake a tucked-in jumper without it bunching round the waist band...

Step 1: Take a hair bobble and tie the jumper up on one side.

Step 2: Repeat the first step on the other side. Both sides should feel secure against your waist.

Step 3: Fold the two knots up and under so they’re out of sight. Adjust the rest of the jumper to tidy it up if necessary.


The Sports Bra Tuck

To fake a tucked-in look with a longer jumper...

Step 1: Wear a sports bra underneath a long, chunky jumper (you can also do this trick with a normal bra, but a sports bra works best).

Step 2: Take the bottom of the jumper, fold it up and tuck it into the band of the sports bra. Do this just at the front, rather than all the way around.

Step 3: Release the jumper and adjust if needed. The waistband of the trousers should be covered by the overhang of the jumper, giving the illusion of it being tucked in. 


The Perfectly Pushed Up Sleeve

To push a sleeve up so it stays there and doesn’t require readjusting.

Step 1: Take two hair bobbles, or buy sleeve garters for a more comfortable fit. 

Step 2: Loop the bobble/garter over the top of the sleeve and slide it up your arm, to just above the elbow. 

Step 3: Roughly pull up the sleeve above the bobble/garter and arrange it so the material disguises it. 

Step 4: Leave enough sleeve below the bobble/garter so it covers around a third of your forearm. 

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