Meet The Co-Founder Of BITE Studios
Meet The Co-Founder Of BITE Studios

Meet The Co-Founder Of BITE Studios

As minimalism continues to dominate the fashion scene, BITE Studios has risen to the top, becoming a firm favourite among editors and influencers. Here, we sat down with Veronika Kant – half of the husband-and-wife team behind the label – to discuss the brand’s ethos, how it blends style with sustainability, and what’s coming up this year.
By Emma Bigger

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When we started the brand, I was a total newcomer to the fashion industry. The good news was I had a strong vision. I’d always loved clothes, but it wasn’t until I met William, my husband and business partner, that the idea of starting a brand really took off. We took a huge leap of faith and I think it was a good thing that I’d previously worked in supply chains and logistics in the car industry. I set out to cultivate a new way of thinking about sustainable fashion and BITE has since evolved organically.

Back in 2016, no one was trying to combine sustainability with design. That’s what BITE is all about: we are equally interested in creativity and good design as environmental issues. Right now, consumers want to buy from companies that are aligned with their values – and that’s not only in the fashion industry. BITE is an acronym for By Independent Thinkers for Environmental Progress, and William and I wanted to create a label for women who are driven by aesthetics but also want what they own to have meaning.

It’s the PERSONALITY AND PERSONAL STYLE of our BITE WOMAN that inspires us most.

The BITE aesthetic is minimalist yet expressive in terms of volume and proportion. We take an evolutionary approach to our designs and build each collection on the last. Really, it’s the personality and personal style of our BITE woman that inspires us most.

The BITE customer is a woman of integrity. She is quietly confident and appreciates timeless style over fashion, enduring design over fleeting trends. When the clothes you wear reflect not only your personal style but also your belief system, that’s when you feel your most beautiful.

Real luxury to me is knowing that a garment is ethically and sustainably made. I am very conscious of what I have in my wardrobe – there’s nothing more luxurious than owning and wearing clothes that have an environmental conscience. I am so proud when I see someone in BITE clothes. We’re a small team of hardworking individuals, so it’s truly amazing to reflect on what we’ve achieved together in the last couple of years.


The SS23 collection experiments with texture, volume and architectural shapes. We’ve also introduced more asymmetric proportions, accentuated waists and sharper cuts. The starting point was a crisp cotton dress with a front drape that was made from one piece of fabric – and it was inspired from the natural behaviour of its material. I like to feel inspired in my workspace. We work out of a shared space in the GSA art gallery in Stockholm, so it’s a very collaborative environment.

Seaweed fabric, pineapple and corn leather, pea silk and recycled cashmere are some of OUR MOST INNOVATIVE TEXTILES.


When I buy new, I like to invest in quality pieces that I know I’ll have for a long time. My most recent additions were a Lemaire bag and a simple black menswear belt from The Row.

Sustainability is important in both style and construction. We restrict ourselves by only using beautiful, organic and low-impact materials, and put time and effort into taking care in every decision in our garment-making process. These are fully realised luxury products. 

We reject almost all materials that are widely available. This means sourcing becomes a bit of a laborious process. We need to work with the best quality, certifications and standards, but it’s also exciting to develop your own materials and eco processes as you go. The touch and feel of natural materials are amazing. Seaweed fabric, pineapple and corn leather, pea silk and recycled cashmere are some of our most innovative textiles.

It looks like 2023 will be an exciting year for us. We have a lot happening and several exciting launches due this season and for AW23. One of the most exciting things is that we’re launching on in May, so keep an eye out for our pieces over there.




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