My Life In Fashion: Andreea Diaconu
My Life In Fashion: Andreea Diaconu

My Life In Fashion: Andreea Diaconu

Romanian model Andreea Diaconu has graced the covers of Vogue the world over, as well as being the face of design houses like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Belstaff. Here, she tells us more about her career, her style influences and her latest sustainable collaboration with Mango.
By Polly Sayer
Photography: @ANDREEADIDDY

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My earliest fashion memory was getting my polaroids taken after being scouted age 13. My family never really had a camera when I was growing up, and digital photography was so new, I remember finding it odd seeing images of myself. 

I’ve had the opportunity to model for some amazing brands. I walked in my first Dolce & Gabbana show aged 14 and appeared on the cover of American Vogue for the February 2013 issue. I can’t pinpoint a favourite shoot I’ve ever done – they’ve all been fun and as a model, it’s the greatest compliment when a brand or client books you again. I could definitely pick a worst experience though… I won’t name names, but I was a teenager at the time and it was horrible. The industry can be quite cut-throat. 

My style is best described as practical, classic and comfortable. I take most of my inspiration from the women in my family and my mood influences how I dress. My first ‘designer’ purchase was a pair of Converse trainers – they are still such a signature of my style now! 

One of my favourite lesser-known brands is Tigra Tigra. It creates hand embroidered, dyed and spun textiles that preserve and revive cultural practices from Gujarat and Cape Town. 

Sustainability is increasingly important to me. I wouldn’t consider myself an activist, but we’ve done so little for so long, it’s not fair that we’re giving future generations such an uncertain future.  

That’s why I’m so excited to be working with Mango on an ethically produced denim collection. I have always enjoyed working with the brand, and I’m always keen to be involved with companies that use hemp or other recycled, natural fibres. There are some fun two-tone jeans in the range, as well as some brightly coloured options for spring – the pieces use sustainable cotton, which is a little kinder to the planet. Shooting the campaign was fun – I love being in nature.

My favourite pieces in my wardrobe tend to be the oldest ones. I love my 200-year-old Romanian blouses, because there is so much culture and meaning woven into the fabric. I also have a Romanian linen skirt from Bucovina that I love, but only wear on special holidays. 

I’ve been wearing the same jeans for over a decade. A good collection of vintage jeans is a great thing – and if you rotate them often enough, they rarely wear out. My best denim purchase was a pair of dark purple Levi’s I bought for around $60 five years ago – I’ve got so much wear out of them.

Making ethical choices shouldn’t be a tick box exercise. Sustainability should be a way of life – if we want to continue living on this planet without dramatically altering our existence, we have to find materials and practices that don’t harm the earth. 

The two fashion rules I live by are: only buy something if you know you’ll wear it 200 times; and only buy something if you really need it. If we all kept those two principles in mind when we were shopping, it would really make a difference.


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