Look Around This Stylish Madrid Apartment
Look Around This Stylish Madrid Apartment

Look Around This Stylish Madrid Apartment

Maria Santos founded her studio in 2015 and has since become a name synonymous with the world of luxurious interior design. Known for her timeless approach to style and respect for classical architecture, Maria uses natural materials to create light, bright and relaxed spaces that always deliver on functionality. Her own home in Madrid is no exception – which is why we asked her to give us the tour.
By Georgina Blaskey

The Property

The apartment was very old and dark with lots of small rooms, so this was always destined to be a complete renovation. It may be the dream of many designers to complete their own renovation, but I found it was quite difficult to make all the decisions myself – it is far easier to do it for other people! Now, the apartment has four bedrooms, two living rooms, a dining room, kitchen and dressing room. Because it was a very old property, I had to complete new installations in every room as I moved almost everything. For example, what was a bedroom is now the kitchen and what was the kitchen is now a bedroom… 

The Challenge

The entire process was a challenge! The flat was really old and we found walls that were in really bad condition. The kitchen posed the biggest problem because there were no fittings in that room originally – it was just a small dark bedroom before we renovated it.

The Colour Palette

My style is classic but with a touch of modernity, so it felt right to use a white colour palette as a starting point, with splashes of green throughout – it helps give the whole property a sense of continuity. To incorporate texture, I added natural materials such as wood and stone, as well as colour accents through the textiles, furnishings and accessories.

The Furnishings

I had a lot of furniture from my previous property, but I also bought a lot of antiques – they always bring life to spaces because of the history of each item. The sofas are custom made and nearly all of the furniture is from my own antique shop, Bingutti – a new project that’s launching soon. In my own home I like to contrast furniture from different eras so I have original tulip chairs from Saarinen, chairs from Joe Colombo, and a large wooden French dining table.

The Entrance Hall

The table is an antique from France, styled up with Chinese blue porcelain vases. A big piece like this is great at grounding a hallway, which can be such a transient space, and it’s ideal for displaying decorative bouquets of branches. There is also a painting by Hugo Alonso on the wall.

The Kitchen  

The kitchen is one of my favourite rooms. I’m so pleased with how it turned out and how it leads into and connects to the dining room. The two columns near the kitchen island stools were discovered during the renovation, and I absolutely love them – such a hidden treasure.

The Living Room

The custom-made sofa is covered in white linen and the marble coffee table is an Italian antique. The painting is by Zobel and the table in the corner is another antique from France. I love the statement-making, bold green chairs by Joe Colombo and the equally dramatic zebra carpet is a family heirloom. In the back, there is a painting by Jordi Alcaraz.

The Dining Room

Next to the door that leads from the living room to the dining room are pictures painted by me during my architecture studies. The crystal chandelier is also a French antique, as are the decorative wall lights which add a nice metallic contrast. I like the juxtaposition of these old pieces with the mid-century tulip chairs by Saarinen.

The Main Bedroom

I love the gold accent of the metal chair in this bedroom – it adds a bit of boudoir glamour – as does the decorative French antique chandelier. Contrasting this is a pair of Daphine table lamps by Lumina and over the bed is a painting Eduardo Lalanne.

The Children’s Bedroom

I love the wooden bed in my son’s room. It’s such a unique piece and adds a sense of grandeur that fits well with the classical proportions of the room. A warm wood finish also creates a cosy atmosphere, perfect for a child’s bedroom. 

Photographer: Montse Garriga

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