7 Clever Ways To Organise Your Beauty Stash

Who doesn't get a sense of satisfaction out of a good declutter – especially when it comes to sorting out your beauty products? If you’re looking to make the most of your stash (and don't want to spend hours rummaging for the right product again), we’ve devised a series of styling hacks guaranteed to save you some precious minutes…


Invest In Storage Carousels 

Not only are they fun, these storage carousels are aesthetically pleasing, too. You can change the height of the shelves on most models, which is handy for larger products, like mists and micellar waters, while the spinning axis makes for easy access. Good for making cluttered countertops a thing of the past.

Re-Use Old Candles As Jars

Cleaning out candle holders and reusing them can be so gratifying. Make-up brushes look especially good stored inside them, while empty perfume bottles make equally pretty vessels for cotton buds. To reuse a glass candle, pop it in the freezer for a few hours. This will cause any leftover wax to shrink, so it pops out more easily. Clean any residue with baby oil or vinegar, then wash with soapy water.

Declutter With Bathroom Baskets

When it comes to beauty storage, nothing is as effortless – or as useful – as the humble bathroom basket. It’s a great way to keep products in order, whether you’re stashing lotions or everyday electricals like hairdryers and straighteners. Opt for rattan or gold wire finishes for serious style points.

Be Practical With Perspex Boxes

Stashing products away in cupboards is great when you want everything out of sight, but if it means you’re going to forget about them, try using a clear set of drawers instead. You can organise your make-up by category and also by colour, too. You can still see everything clearly, so you’re more likely to use all your products – and stop accidentally buying multiples.

Get Creative On A Budget

Think about how you can make a few, quick changes on a budget. For example, make the most of the inside of cupboard doors with a couple of simple stick-on hooks from Amazon to hang your hairdryer or curling irons. Or try raiding kitchen supply shops for quirky jars, chunky tumblers and lidded sweet jars to make your beauty storage truly one-of-a-kind.

Find A Mirror With Shelf Space

Make your mirror work harder by investing in one with a shelf. It’s a great way to hold all your hero products in one place, or showcasing what you’re currently loving. Plus, it ensures your favourite items won’t get lost, as well as saving you time in the morning. 

Curate A ‘Favourites’ Tray

Use a pretty tray to display your favourite perfume bottles, luxe foundations and most coveted make-up palettes. This will instantly transform your collection into a chic, curated edit, but with minimum effort. Try grouping similar colours together for a Instagram-worthy finish.

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