8 New Apps To Shake Up Your Routine

From a new app to help you find your perfect tennis partner, through to a means of keeping an eye on your mental health, here are eight new apps every phone needs…


Used by astronauts, elite athletes and top CEOs to eliminate jet lag, Timeshifter is based on the latest research in sleep and circadian neuroscience. The app offers highly personalised jet lag plans based on users’ sleep patterns, chronotype (normal bed time) and flight routes, and aims to rapidly resynchronise the body’s circadian clock to the new time zone, therefore reducing the negative impact of jet lag on other brain and body functions. We’ll definitely be giving this one a spin next time we jet off.

Visit Timeshifter.com


Fiit is on a mission to make fitness addictive. Via its interactive app, the company aims to bring the best of boutique studio fitness into everyone’s living rooms – connecting to your TV and beaming in top fitness instructors who’ll run you through various gym classes, from cardio and strength through to balance. The app’s HIIT and hatha yoga classes are especially motivating.

Visit Fiit.tv

Otter Voice Notes

One for the office, Otter is a smart note-taking and collaboration app that businesses, students, and journalists can use to get more value from meetings, calls, video conferences, interviews and lectures. Especially handy for anyone taking night classes (or wanting to transcribe their podcasts or voice notes), this app saves heaps of time by transcribing up to 600 hours for free. Users can add notes in real time, sync audio, text and images, and share their documents with others. Handy.

Visit Otter.ai


Looking to play more tennis? Spin’s social tennis app works in three ways: it helps you find the best tennis courts in London (indoor, outdoor and floodlit courts so you can play whatever the weather); aids you in finding players at your skill level who live nearby; and it tracks your scores to see how you rank among your peers. A great way to meet new people – and get active.

Visit SpinTennisApp.com

Happy Not Perfect

Happy Not Perfect is an app, brand and community dedicated to helping people stress less, sleep better and stay balanced. Backed by science, the app approaches feelings and mental wellbeing in a practical way, offering a five-minute daily routine comprising seven steps to check in with and process your emotions. Dependent on how you’re feeling, you can access hundreds of themed sessions on anything from work-stress to heartbreak, via mindful games, guided visuals and easy-listening sound experiences.

Visit HappyNotPerfect.com


A godsend for groups, this app easily works out exactly who owes who for anything from meals out to household essentials. Used by our Lifestyle Editor during a recent six-girl holiday, each user can enter their group expenses such as petrol and food as they go, and the app will calculate exactly who owes who (and how much) at the end of the trip. Perfect for anyone who hates maths – and awkward situations.

Visit Splitwise.com


A matchmaking app for mums, Peanut shows you likeminded mothers near you, and makes it easy to meet. Users can search for nearby matches, connect with one another via the private messaging or group chat functions, then arrange to meet up – with or without the kids. New for 2018 is the community ‘Pages’ function, where users can explore topics and create posts.

Visit Peanut-App.io


A group video chat app, Houseparty takes things a step further than WhatsApp and other message-based services. Via a split-screen function, Houseparty allows users to chat wherever they are, and to more than one person. Ideal for anyone living far away from friends and family, this is next-generation Skype – all in the palm of your hand.

Visit Houseparty.com

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