5 Of The Biggest Wellness Trends For 2024
5 Of The Biggest Wellness Trends For 2024

5 Of The Biggest Wellness Trends For 2024

Nutritionist and holistic expert Lucy Miller has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things health and wellness. Today, we launch her monthly column for SheerLuxe, where she’ll be sharing her insights into everything from how to feel more energised to the best ways to support your healthy eating habits. In this instalment, she breaks down some of the trends that are going to define the space in 2024.
By Lucy Miller

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Self-care has become far more of a priority than ever before. We’re investing increased time and money into the pursuit of physical and mental well-being. The focus of all this new activity is shifting from cure to prevention and that’s something we will see emerge more in 2024. Dr Jan Stritzke is the medical director at Lanserhof Sylt and a renowned specialist in internal medicine and cardiology. He says: “More and more people are realising that the normal care provided by the general healthcare system is limited to the treatment of illnesses. However, most chronic diseases are theoretically preventable if preventive measures are taken in good time.” Preventive self-care is rapidly evolving right now and here are some of the key areas and trends to watch out for in 2024…


The Gut Microbiome & Mental Health

The gut microbiome has become a hot topic and we have seen an increasing understanding of how our gut health is vital for our overall health and wellbeing. It is important for helping with our metabolism and digestion, and is linked to immune health and hormone balance.

The gut microbiome is now being given much more attention over its impact on mental health, as we are now being taught the importance of managing how we feel. The gut and brain are connected by neurotransmitters that create our emotions; if you have an imbalance in your gut bacteria, it can interfere with your mood and sleep.

The probiotic brand Bio-Kult has a product specifically for this, called ‘Brighten’. It contains beneficial bacteria and targeted nutrients that support our happy hormones, concentration and learning.

New for 2024, Artah has launched a Biome Restore probiotic complex, which focuses on gut-brain support. A combination of probiotic strains and Lion’s Mane mushrooms, it provides powerful nootropic activity, meaning it’s beneficial for depression and anxiety.

We have also learnt that stress can be a major disruptor of the gut microbes, so expect to see more therapies such as mindfulness, breath work, yoga, hypnotherapy and meditation specifically designed to support the gut microbiome.


Skincare Boom

It’s hard to believe the skincare industry has space to expand, but it seems skincare is the new self-care. With teens being heavily influenced by social media, it’s a trend starting earlier and earlier, with brands such as CeraVe, Drunk Elephant, Byoma and The Ordinary leading the way.

Dermatologist Dr Alexis Granite believes that in 2024 bodycare is set to take centre stage. With 98% of our skin being found from our neck down, it’s hardly a surprise we’ve just worked this out. Necessaire has been touted as one of the big players in this space and seems to be ahead of the game with its self-care-focused bodycare brand.

With more attention being paid to improving skin health from the inside out, skincare companies are also entering the nutrition and wellness space. Shiseido Beauty Wellness will launch in Japan in February 2024, before rolling out globally from 2025. Iiaa are another company who are experts in skincare, with the combination of the Advanced Nutrition Programme supplements and Environ skincare.

Finally, watch out for products that focus on the skin microbiome (our ‘good’ bacteria on the skin). Alexis says we are shifting away from traditional ‘anti-ageing’ products towards a ‘regeneration’ approach which is more about going back to basics and keeping skin healthy and strong. Beauty Pie’s Uber Youth Super Elixir Pro-Biome Mist-on Serum, Sisley’s Ecological Compound and Opalore The Brilliance Cream all do exactly that.



AI & Personalised Nutrition

AI seems to be having an impact on virtually every industry, so expect to see it make an impact on the healthcare space this year, particularly when it comes to personalised medicine and nutrition. AI will help us to understand variations in things such as our DNA, gut microbiome or blood glucose response, and use this information to determine how we best approach nutrition and disease prevention. Dr Tim Spector is already doing this with the Zoe app, which uses at-home testing to analyse blood fat, blood sugar and gut microbiome. 

Get A Drip is popping up all over the country, offering a comprehensive range of IV drips and vitamin injections. It does free consultations as well as diagnostic testing services, including blood, gut, DNA and instant vitamin D testing. This can provide invaluable insights into your nutrition and genetic predispositions so treatments can be personalised to suit your specific nutritional needs.

For a simple at-home approach to personalised supplements, try the tailor-made online quiz or the at-home testing provided by Vitl to customise your vitamin formula.


Wellness Tourism

Holiday priorities seem to be evolving beyond the simple pleasure of sipping a cocktail on a sun lounger. We’re now looking at ways to incorporate wellness activities into our travel plans. Wellness tourism doesn’t just refer to health retreats, fitness holidays, sleep retreats and adventure breaks; it’s also about weaving a wellness dimension into the conventional hotel experience. This means that, while indulging in a cocktail remains an option, it can now be offset with healthier alternatives.

Peninsula Hotels has a brand-wide wellbeing initiative called ‘Life Lived Best’ which offers guests at all its properties the opportunity to pursue their fitness, mindfulness and nutritional goals throughout their stay. At its new hotel in London, there’s a ‘Naturally Peninsula’ plant-based option for all hotel dining menus, and a dedicated Wellness Portal offering round-the-clock, in-room access to wellness programmes like guided strength-training and meditation.

The Maybourne Group (Claridge’s et al) is elevating the well-being of its guests through a collaboration with Virtusan, a science and technology-driven platform dedicated to enhancing the health and wellness experience. Together, they aim to alleviate stress and enhance sleep quality for a rejuvenating stay.

Last year saw the launch of the private members club at Bamford on Daylesford Farm. In 2024 it will launch its first ever series of wellbeing and fitness retreats. Three days of intense personal focus will incorporate different aspects of fitness depending on the retreat angle. Accommodation is at the Daylesford luxury cottages, and guests will work with in-house trainers and health experts to reach their goals. The retreats will incorporate the use of all the ultra-luxe facilities at the club including the wet spa, ice barrels, infrared sauna and cryo-chamber, and adjoining Bamford wellness spa.


Mushrooms Continue To Have Their Moment

Forget button mushrooms you might find at the supermarket or hallucinogenic magic mushrooms. Medicinal mushrooms have been used for centuries in the East, and in recent years we have started to understand the benefits of mushroom supplementation here in the West.

They are true powerhouses and one of the most exciting supplements in the nutrition space. Their benefits are far-reaching, contributing to the support of the immune system, gut health, heart health, mental health and sleep. They are also antimicrobial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory, making them a comprehensive addition to wellness practices.

The scientifically backed medicinal mushroom brand Hifas da Terra has observed that, with GP appointments becoming less and less available, many of us are now embracing a more proactive role in maintaining our wellbeing. Medicinal mushrooms are a fantastic way to increase both mental and physical resilience. For a broad-spectrum mushroom, consider Hifas Equilibrium, which contains three mushrooms. Together, reishi, lion’s mane and cordyceps support stress, immunity, emotional balance, energy, cognition and digestion.

Another noteworthy supplement, Life Drink by Terra Nova, not only incorporates mushrooms, but also an abundance of antioxidants, omega 3 and probiotics. This makes it an ideal choice for fortifying the entire immune system this winter.

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