5 Beauty Products Adeola’s Loving This Month
5 Beauty Products Adeola’s Loving This Month

5 Beauty Products Adeola’s Loving This Month

Every month, make-up artist and SL beauty contributor Adeola Gboyega is going to be sharing five beauty products she thinks are worth snapping up. First up, she’s got the new £7 blusher everyone should try, a microcurrent facial device that really does work, and more…
By Adeola Gboyega

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Camo Liquid Blush, £7 | e.l.f Cosmetics

I am loving e.l.f. Cosmetics at the moment. It does a fantastic job of delivering affordable products that rival pricier counterparts without compromising on quality. The latest addition to its line-up – the Camo Liquid Blush – is a great example of this. With the ease of a liquid blush, it offers rich pigments that last for hours, with a dewy, radiant finish that looks so healthy.

There are nine flattering shades that cater to all skin tones, but I love ‘Suave Mauve’ which really warms skin up and ‘Gorg Orange’ for a ruddier effect – as if you’ve been bitten by the wind. A little goes a long way, so start with a small amount, building up gradually. And at just £7, you can’t really go wrong.

Available at Boots.com

The Smoother Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Body Wash, £18 | Naturium

Elevating my bodycare routine is important for me, especially as the colder months roll on. Many of us tend to overlook our skin under layers of clothing, but the rest of our body is no different to our faces. The secret to a summer-ready glow lies in the care you give your skin now.

I'm constantly searching for products that promise to maintain a smooth, even glow. Enter Naturium's body wash – it’s my go-to right now for achieving that coveted glow. This powerhouse is not your average body wash; it's an exfoliating beast. Infused with an AHA blend, including glycolic, lactic, pyruvic and tartaric acids, it effortlessly sweeps away uneven and bumpy textures, unveiling softer, smoother skin. 

The added bonus? Hydration courtesy of red algae leaves your skin supple and revitalised. Here's a pro tip: this product doubles as a facial cleanser – perfect if you are looking to streamline your skincare routine and are looking for a facial exfoliator.

Available at SpaceNK.com

Real Flawless Weightless Perfecting Foundation, £38 | Laura Mercier

I love refreshing some of my make-up basics in the new year. I’ve ditched my old base and switched it for this Laura Mercier foundation, which has quite rightly been going viral for its glow-y texture. 

During a recent holiday escape, I wanted a lightweight yet skin-smoothing foundation, and I was so impressed by it. It’s the perfect mix of make-up and skincare, with a weightless texture that effortlessly glides over the skin, delivering medium, buildable coverage. In the midst of a hot climate, this foundation worked wonders for me, living up to its claims of 12-hour waterproof wear.

I really appreciated its ability to remain on my skin flawlessly without the dreaded cakey feeling. It excelled in controlling oil and minimising excess shine throughout the day, leaving my complexion looking flawless yet naturally radiant. For those seeking a foundation with added skincare benefits, this is a game-changer.

Available at SpaceNK.com

Vitamin C Daily UV Fluid SPF50 Invisible, £12.99 | Garnier

In 2024, there is going to be a significant focus on combating hyperpigmentation. This shift marks a refreshing departure from the traditional emphasis solely on addressing fine lines and wrinkles. Expect to see brightening products that promise radiant and even skin coming to the fore.

Personally, I celebrate this and especially the growing emphasis on inclusive sunscreens, which recognise the importance of formulations that are not only invisible but also flattering on deeper skin tones, steering clear of the notorious grey cast left by many sunscreens over the years. This is so needed, as we all know the importance of sunscreen protection in anyone’s skincare routine, especially if they want even, radiant skin.

Garnier’s Vitamin C Eye Cream was a standout launch for me and this month Garnier is expanding its Vitamin C range with the introduction of this SPF. It not only provides robust SPF50+ protection against UVA, UVB, and long UVA to prevent dark spots, but also harnesses the brightening power of vitamin C. Full of peptides for skin-smoothing benefits and hyaluronic acid for invisible lightweight hydration, the formula is unlike anything else – and it’s affordable.

Available at Boots.com

Halo Facial Toning Device, £379 | ZIIP

I have tried many facials and many of the best include a microcurrent treatment, which is now a regular part of my beauty routine. Its reputation as a reliable method for lifting and sculpting the face is well founded, and it has gained favour among many celebrities seeking elevated cheekbones and a refined jawline. 

I had seen the ZIIP Halo device everywhere – and what really appealed to me was its sleek design which is perfect for travel. It also delivers both immediate and long-lasting results through the use of nanocurrent and microcurrent frequencies.

I love that you only need to use it for 4 minutes a day. Simply move the device upwards and the motion sensors will activate, leaving you with a noticeably lifted effect. Worth every penny.

Available at CurrentBody.com

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