7 Of The Best Hair Removal Devices
7 Of The Best Hair Removal Devices

7 Of The Best Hair Removal Devices

Electrical devices are one of the most cost-effective ways to remove hair. Easy to use and convenient, here are seven of the best – plus our tips on how to minimise irritation…
By Rebecca Hull

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Wet & Dry 6-in-1 Epilator, £79.99 | Panasonic

Best For: Versatility 

This go-to multitasker has six attachments, including a shaver, gentle epilator head and pedicure buffer – so you can cover more than just hair removal. It’s also waterproof, so you can use it in the bath or shower. The swivel top head means you can reach every area and hair easily – from knees to elbows – for maximum smoothness.

Available at Amazon.co.uk

Lumea Prestige IPL Hair Removal Device, £349.99 | Philips

Best For: Long-Term Results

This innovative tool was developed with leading dermatologists for the safest hair removal. Using IPL (intense pulsed light) it uses warming sensations to lighten hair and prevent it from growing back. Showing smoother results after just three uses, the different attachments work on the face, bikini line and larger surface areas like the legs. It’s also cordless and gets into every crease for the best results. Meanwhile, the in-built SmartSkin sensor will tell you which light setting is best for your skin tone to minimise any side effects. Easily the best at-home IPL hair removal tool – the reviews alone are testament to this.

Available at JohnLewis.com



Silk Epil 9 SensoSmart, £102.95 | Braun

Best For: Gentle Epilation

If you’re serious about epilation, look no further than this device from Braun. Loved by experts, it uses SensoSmart technology to keep pressure to a minimum. Its body massager, skin contact cap and bikini trimmer make it a no-brainer investment. The head is surprisingly gentle too, taking out smaller areas of hair at a time for a less painful experience.

Available at AllBeauty.com

Electric Lady Shaver, £23.98 | Brori

Best For: Sensitivities 

With hypoallergenic heads, this gentle razor is a godsend for sensitive skin. Despite this, the razor is sharp enough to get hair out right from the root. Ideal for legs, underarms and bikini areas, the smaller head gets into every area for a smooth finish – it allows you to get closer than most do. We love that it has LED lights, illuminating blind spots so you don’t miss a single hair. One tip? Glide it lightly and gently over the skin – though the padded head won’t irritate, pressing down too hard will cause unnecessary inflammation within your skin. 

Available at Amazon.co.uk

Lady Shaver, £29.99 | Magnitone

Best For: Travel 

Neat and compact, this pocket-sized shaver is ideal for travelling. Cushioned with soft pads, the shaving head glides seamlessly over skin with no snagging or pulling. Admittedly, you may need to use this more regularly than others to prevent too much regrowth, but it gets the job done at speed, keeping limbs silky soft whenever you need to. It’s shower-proof too, so you can use it on wet or dry skin – ideal for tidying up stray hairs. One charge gives you 100 minutes of power. Small but mighty.

Available Boots.com

Wet And Dry Lady Shaver With Bikini Attachment, £27.69 | Remington

Best For: Delicate Areas

This lightweight tool fits snugly in your hand to reach the contours of your body. You can use it against wet or dry skin, but we recommend using it dry for a better pull on the hair. Its larger head works particularly well on wider surface areas, like the legs, but you still get a close enough shave on the more delicate areas, like the underarms and bikini line – just be sure to go lightly. Easy to maintain, you can replace the head and foils yourself at home, but the ones it comes with (which are soaked in aloe vera) will last you a few months. 

Available at Amazon.co.uk

True Smooth Wet & Dry Lady Shaver, £23.49 | BaByliss

Best For: Affordability 

Just like its hair tools, Babyliss shavers are seriously impressive. This one consistently receives five-star reviews thanks to its efficacy and affordable price tag. Well-cushioned, it never nicks or cuts the skin, while the razor blades remove both coarse and fine body hair with ease. You may have to go over some areas a few times, but you can expect a silky-soft finish. Use it on dry skin – great for sudden emergencies – or in the shower against wet skin. We recommend the latter approach for better results. 

Available at Amazon.co.uk

Three Tips For Minimising Irritation…


Use Warm Water

When epilating, try to do so in warm water for a more comfortable experience. The warmth hydrates your skin, providing a smoother surface for your epilator to glide against, reducing the risk of friction.


Hold Tight

Whatever device you use, keep your skin held taut and your device perpendicular to the skin, gliding against the grain of hair growth. 


Remove Your Hair At Night

To keep irritation at bay, experts recommend removing hair at night, so your skin can recover while you sleep. Apply an aloe vera-based cream or gel afterwards to help keep redness and bumps at bay. 

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