The Self-Tan Erasers That Really Work
The Self-Tan Erasers That Really Work

The Self-Tan Erasers That Really Work

If your attempts to apply self-tan ever result in streaks and uneven patches, you could probably use a decent remover. Here are some that will get the job done – plus, some helpful advice from tan expert Amanda Harrington…
By Sapna Rao

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Over It Magic Self-Tan Eraser, £19.95 | Isle Of Paradise

One of the first brands to create a tan ‘eraser’, Isle of Paradise’s Magic Remover combines glycolic acid with micellar water to gently remove dead skin cells and old colour. Not only does it reveal fresh skin, it hydrates and softens limbs with a gentle mix of avocado, chia seed and coconut oils – plus, it’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free. 

How to use it: Spritz it onto small areas if you’re only removing a little faux pas. Or mist all over your body until skin is saturated, lathering it up and leaving it on for five minutes before rinsing it off in the shower.

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Tan Remover Mousse, £8.70 (was £14.50) | St.Tropez

Perfect for tanning novices, this will correct mistakes immediately, while a blend of detoxifying cotton extract and probiotics work to rebalance and hydrate the skin after the tan has been removed.

How to use it: This non-sticky remover couldn't be easier to use – melting away lingering tan within five minutes or less. Use it with a mitt in gentle circular motions to cover off a wider surface area.

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Self Tan Eraser, £17 | Bare by Vogue

Suitable for ultra-sensitive skin, this is one of the gentlest erasers we’ve tried. The soft foam removes self-tan without the need for scrubbing, while oatmeal and chamomile extracts offer some much-needed skin-softening benefits. Finally, fruit extracts like pomegranate and grapefruit gently exfoliate to ensure you’re not left with any streaks or uneven patches. 

How to use it: Opt for a body brush or mitt to really help get the job done – but you shouldn’t need to go in that strong. If you’re looking to remove face tan, Amanda warns: “The face is more delicate than the rest of your body, so it pays to use a gentler remover here.”

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Tan Removing & Skin Polishing Glove, £27.95 | Loving Tan

A little different to the rest of the erasers on the list, this product is a glove which, even without a liquid formula to go with it, can remove tan with ease. Designed – using advanced technology – to remove dead cells and smooth without irritating the skin, it’ll create the perfect base for you go in with your next layer of tan.

How to use it: Simply wet the glove – opt for warm water for extra comfort – then rub it onto the skin in circular motions. Watch as the old colour flakes off along with any dry skin, leaving behind a silky-smooth feel. Finish with some body butter or simply go in with your next round of tan.

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Self Tan Remover, £10.42 (was £18.95) | Bali Body

For those with sensitive skin, this soft foam removes tan without any need to scrub. Aloe vera, glycerine and rose extract provide extra skin-softening benefits, so your limbs will look and feel more hydrated afterwards. 

How to use it: Use this mousse in the shower, massaging the formula into any stubborn stains and you’ll see the colour come away within ten minutes. To better the results, Amanda recommends soaking your skin in a hot bath. “Drop in a good-quality bath oil, as this will help slough away uneven tan, while locking extra moisture at the same time.”

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Glyco Water: Tan Remover & Eraser, £24 | Tan-Luxe

With a lightweight consistency and handy spray bottle design – plus, a skincare-infused formula – this is a great all-rounder. Containing 3% glycolic acid, this exfoliating treatment works fast to dissolve old self-tan. Amanda explains: “Because glycolic acid causes DHA (fake tan’s active ingredient) to separate on the skin, everything lifts away much quicker, so always look out for glycolic acid if removal is your main focus.”

How to use it: Spritz it onto dry skin – both on the face and body – and let it melt before rinsing or gently wiping it off. The silky formula will keep skin feeling smooth and fresh, ready for the next coat of colour. Alternatively, you can also use it as a primer pre-tan to prepare skin for flawless application.

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Purity Excel 60 Second Tan Removing Scrub, £23.99 (was £29.99) | Rose & Caramel

Promising to remove tan in as little as 60 seconds (yes, really), this contains a blend of rose and caramel oils, as well as natural perlite, to buff away old tan. Trust us when we say skin feels beautifully soft afterwards. 

How to use it: Mask your body with the creamy scrub formula and work it into the skin in circular motions. The texture will do the work for you – without feeling too harsh. Afterwards, soak it off in the bath if there’s time.

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