An Expert Guide To Gel Lashes
An Expert Guide To Gel Lashes

An Expert Guide To Gel Lashes

Many of us know the power of lash extensions, but ‘gel lashes’ are changing the game. Camilla Kirk-Reynolds – who has over 16 years of experience in the beauty industry – raves about their longevity and flexibility. We asked her to run us through the need-to-knows…
By Sapna Rao

They’re Different To Lash Extensions

Gel lashes use an adhesive that dries under an LED light instead of air drying like regular lash extensions. It’s far more comfortable since the glue doesn't dry down to a dry and brittle finish. Additionally, gel lashes cure instantly, so you don’t need to wait before getting them wet.

They Also Last Longer

Many of my clients can go away for six or eight weeks in summer knowing their lashes will look good for the majority (if not the entire) holiday. This is because the adhesive is far stronger and more flexible, so you don’t have to get them redone as often or fuss around with infills.

They’re Great In The Summer

Since they’re more durable, they’ll maintain their shape and hold for longer. It’s great if you suffer with watery eyes or hay fever – or are heavy-handed when removing make-up – because they won’t budge. They’re also oil friendly, so the natural oils in your skin and the oils in skincare, make-up or make-up remover won’t disturb them. Plus, they’re compatible with water, which is good news if you’re spending time in the ocean or pool this summer.

Application Is Simple

While the process is 90% the same as regular lashes, the unique part is that every lash is cured under an LED light emitted from a small machine attached to the practitioner’s tweezers. Not only is it more comfortable, but you also don’t need to factor in nearly the same amount of drying time.


It's Best Not To Fiddle With Them

I always say that if you want to get the best out of your extensions, leave them alone. Keep them clean but don’t be obsessive about it. Contrary to popular advice, you don’t need to brush them through either. Any fallout is part of natural wear and tear – so come back in for a touch up or in-fill if needed.

You Can Customise The Length

All eyelash extensions have the potential to be bespoke – it’s completely down to the technician as to whether they offer that kind of service or not. I personally create a unique design for every client and specialise in keeping the natural lashes safe while tailoring the design. 

They’re Not For Everyone

If you’re allergic to any kind of lash adhesive, it’s likely you may react to this one too. However, past reactions could be down to poor-quality adhesives mixed with strong fumes – so it’s best to do a patch test first to see if you’re compatible with the latest ingredients.

Removal Is Straightforward

It depends on the quantity of lashes you’re removing but, if it’s one or two, you can just use tweezers. If it’s a whole set, just use a remover. I like to use a cream, so it doesn’t run into the eyes. After it’s been applied to the lashes and left on for a couple of minutes, the extensions should slide off comfortably.

Always Get Them Done By Professional

The quality of the eventual look – in any circumstance – is 100% down to the technician. It’s rarely the products. I’ve been doing lashes for 16 years, and lash safety and hygiene are my two top priorities – you might be surprised to hear it’s something that’s often overlooked. Do make sure to go somewhere that prioritises health and safety for the best results.


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