The Best Lipstick To Wear With A Mask

The Best Lipstick To Wear With A Mask

Sales of liquid lipsticks are on the rise. Not only do they last longer than other textures, they dry down fast, are full of pigment and can give the illusion of more fullness – hence why they're good under a mask. Here, make-up artist Emily-Jane Williams shares her tips on how to apply them correctly…

Use Them In Place Of Liner 

“Liquid lipsticks, when applied with their applicator or a brush, can create sharp defined edges without the need for a liner. They’re designed to be very pigmented, so you can easily mould and shape your lips with them for a perfected and plumper finish. The key is to roll off any excess product from your wand and onto the back of your hand. Then, when the applicator is clean, use it and the product on your hand to achieve crisp lines and a clear shape. Another key benefit is that once applied, they stay put for hours, whereas traditional bullet lipsticks wear off far quicker – hence why they’re a popular option underneath face coverings.” 

Always Exfoliate First  

“While versatile and easy-to-use, liquid lipsticks do require a bit of prep. You should always exfoliate your lips before using one. The formulas tend to be quite matte, so lumps, bumps and dry flakes can easily show through if you don’t. Try using some coconut oil mixed with sugar, then layer up with a non-greasy balm like the cult PAWPAW formula. Leave this to sink in for 15 minutes, then go in with your liquid lipstick for smoother results. Likewise, you can layer a bit of balm on top of your liquid formula throughout the day to keep it fresh. It’s also worth noting that if the formula begins to peel or flake with just one layer, you should take it all off and start again – adding more will only clog things up further.”  

Soften It With Your Fingers   

“As mentioned above, you can apply it straight from the applicator for a more defined edge, but fingers give a totally different effect. If you take a small dab onto your ring finger, you can push the shade into your lips for more of a muted stain. This is a great technique for anyone seeking a subtle wash of colour. If you’re applying it straight from the tube, use your finger and tap it all around the edges of your lip to soften and blend. This will create a smoother and more flattering finish.” 

Avoid Drying Formulas 

“As liquid lipsticks are built to last, they can end up being quite drying. Try to look for formulas or products that claim to be ‘creamy’ or ‘balmy’ in texture – better still, opt for ones that include hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid. This means they’re less likely to cause feelings of tightness, or produce dry skin. Both Hourglass and Milani’s liquid lipsticks are brilliant – they moisturise while also delivering rich, suits-all colour.”

Layer Different Shades

“The ombre lipstick trend may not be for everyone, but if you’re inclined, liquid lipsticks are a great way to get involved. Because they stay put, they’re ideal for layering with other formulas and tones. Start by adding one shade all over the lips, using it to create your sharp edges, and then, with your fingers, add a much lighter shade directly to the centre of your lips. This should give you more volume, depth and fullness. Plus, blending and mixing colours is a great way to tailor a shade uniquely to your individual skin tone – have fun with it.” 

Play With Your Placement

“If you have some excess left on either your finger or brush, try using it on the cheeks for a natural-looking blush, or bronze effect. They may not be as dewy in texture, but they deliver colour that’s both warming and budge-proof – ideal for warmer weather, and also events or weddings.” 



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