The New Technology That Makes Foundation In Your Exact Skin Tone
The New Technology That Makes Foundation In Your Exact Skin Tone

The New Technology That Makes Foundation In Your Exact Skin Tone

Everyone should own a foundation that perfectly matches their complexion and undertones. But, in a crowded market, finding the right shade can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s where new brand DCYPHER comes in – a personalised, custom-blended foundation which uses clever technology to create your exact skin tone, you can also choose your preferred coverage and finish. Here’s a bit more about how it works and why it’s worth the hype.

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My Custom Foundation, £28
My Custom Foundation, £28


DCYPHER was founded by husband-and-wife duo Adam and Claire Triantis – a British biochemist and a consumer scientist. Spotting a gap in the beauty market for personalisation, the two set out to develop a tailored formula that worked for every skin tone. In fact, it's so bespoke, the brand has never made the same colour twice, which demonstrates how much people's undertones vary. Of the shades that can be created, Adam says: “Our mission is to disrupt the beauty industry by giving the customer exactly what they want, with infinite shades, finishes and formulations.”

Whether you want light or full, matte or dewy, the coverage and textures can be adjusted to give you the most personalised foundation. And don’t worry – there aren’t endless foundations sat in a warehouse creating endless waste. Instead, everything is created from scratch and freshly mixed in the brand’s lab before a small sample is sent out to you to try.

How It Works

The whole process is easy – which ties in with the brand’s ethos of accessibility and simplicity. Start by visiting the website and click ‘measure my skin tone’. From there, you’ll be instructed to face natural light without wearing make-up or glasses. Click ‘start scan’ and the technology will assess your skin, capturing every detail three times to create your bespoke 'skin ID'.

The next step is to choose your preferred coverage and finish and finally, a sample will be posted out for you to do a Shade Fitting at home. You’ll also receive a link to be able to make any tweaks to your formula. A new sample will then be sent free of charge for a second fitting. When you’re happy, let DCYPHER know and your final formula will be freshly mixed and sent straight out to you.

The Foundation

When you go through the online set-up online, you might think your camera may not be good enough to get the best match. But don’t worry – we were amazed at how spot on our shade was when it arrived. As soon as you blend it in, you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

By smoothing out your complexion with undertones that are well-suited to you, the formula delivers a healthy glow that’s never cakey. We chose medium to full coverage and were impressed with how well it perfected the look of our skin. If you like more glow or a lighter base, don't forget you can also choose to go 'sheer' or opt for 'ultra sheer'. There really is something for every preference.

At £28, it’s more affordable than some foundations on the market and the best part is, this one promises an exact match to your skin tone and doesn't create needless waste. It also stops you ever having to guess your shade or undertone online.

What Testers Say

With a stream of 4.8-star reviews, it’s easy to see why DCYPHER has become so popular so quickly: 

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