My Beauty Secrets: Vincent Ford
My Beauty Secrets: Vincent Ford

My Beauty Secrets: Vincent Ford

In this series, we pick the brains of some of the most talented pros out there, asking them to reveal the beauty secrets they think everyone should know. From under-the-radar products to expert hacks, here, NARS' global make-up artist Vincent Ford shares his.

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Control Your Powder

“When applying any powder colour product, instead of tapping the excess powder off, try pressing the pigment into the brush on the back of your hand or a tissue.  This gives you full control over the intensity and impact and it’s easier to blend, too. I like using the NARS Yachiyo brush for this because it can be used for everything including blush, contour and bronzing. Its shape is so clever.”


Buy Two Concealers

“Everyone should own concealer in two different shades – one that matches your skin exactly and one that is two shades lighter. Use the matching one to cover imperfections and to build coverage where you need it. The lighter shade should be used under your eyes to brighten dark circles. You can also have a winter and summer shade to use as the seasons change. I swear by the Clé de Peau Beauté Concealers as they’re so creamy and easy to work with.”


Mix Primer & Concealer

“Mixing an eye primer with a concealer is one of my favourite tricks. It means you can apply eye make-up without having to set it with powder. It’s a great tip for anyone who doesn’t like using a setting powder underneath their eyes. You can also mix primers with any colour eyeshadow to create a bespoke, long-wearing liner. It just gives you more flexibility and longevity.”


Nail Your Tools

“There are so many hidden gems in my kit. Japanese eyelash curlers are my go-to – they’re so well made and always reach the smallest lashes at the inner corners. I use the Preo Prima ones. When I want to add a few individual cluster lashes, I do so with Sweed’s Beauty Tweezers. Not many people know about these but they’re genius. Finally, the NYX Brow Glue is worth buying if you don’t own it already – it’s a great, affordable alternative.”


Apply Highlight Before Foundation

“If you want the natural look, but still like good glow and definition, apply a highlighter and a contour product to your skin first, then press in your foundation on top. It may sound back to front, but it dials everything down, while letting the textures underneath breathe through. It just looks more believable.”


Use Your Hands

“My most asked question is how to properly apply foundation using hands and fingers. It’s not a technique everyone enjoys, but it will give you a smoother finish. Try warming up a liquid foundation in the palms of your hands, then press it onto your face as you would with a beauty sponge. The warmth of your fingers will give you a flawless finish and a creamy-looking texture that’s even and streak-free.”


Don’t Neglect Liner Brushes

“Liquid eyeliner is often the most difficult technique for people to master. I recommend swiping a pencil eyeliner onto a brush, then applying it directly where you want it. It’s much easier this way and it can be fixed quickly if you make a mistake. Once you get it right, you can then go over it with a liquid liner. A good liner brush is essential, in my opinion. My favourite will always be Shiseido’s KATANA Fude Eye Lining Brush.”


Deep Clean With This

Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner is another product not many people know about. It is my go-to for cutting through oily and black pigments, yet it dries super quick, disinfects and has a lovely citrus scent. When I am deep cleaning my brushes, I also enjoy using a brush egg tool, as you can clean more brushes at once – it saves so much time.”


Play With Primers

“Often, people apply just one primer to their whole face, but we all have different concerns across our complexion. Ideally, you would use a small amount of oil-controlling primer only on the areas that need it most, and then one that adds radiance to duller areas. It just helps even everything up while targeting specific concerns. There are so many primers available now – some of which smooth the skin so well, you don’t need anything else on top.”


Set Your Lipstick

“To prep the lips, I recommend applying a balm, then going over it with a tiny amount of concealer before setting it with powder. Then, apply your lipstick on top and you’ll find the colour lasts longer. Laying the groundwork is essential for big nights out or events. If you’re looking to amp up the colour intensity, I recommend starting with a pencil, then applying a liquid lipstick before finishing with a creamier texture. This many layers sounds intense, but keep them sheer and you’ll find everything sandwiches together perfectly for a vivid, rich shade that lasts.”

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