The Natural Beauty Brands To Add To Your Regime

The Natural Beauty Brands To Add To Your Regime

The number of Google searches for ‘sustainable and natural beauty’ topped more than 6.7 million last year, which suggests a desire for greener living must be catching on. Several brands are now catering to the cause, many of which are now available at high-street store, Holland & Barrett. Offering a variety of results-driven formulas that yield radiant results, while also being kind to the planet, you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your individual needs and concerns. From vegan skincare to clean body washes and nourishing scrubs, these are the natural, eco-conscious brands worth adding to your regime…




The brand: Holland & Barrett are a market leader in vitamins, so it seems fitting that their first clean, skincare brand – VitaSkin – is full of them. Brimming with clean, natural formulas that deliver quick results, it’s easy to see why VitaSkin has become popular so fast. Combining the powers of plumping vitamin A and glow-giving vitamin C, the range works hard to care for several skincare issues – from blackheads to clogged pores and spot-prone skin, too. Every formula combines over 150 years of vitamin expertise with ingredients that are kinder to both your complexion and the planet, each product is as natural as possible, without compromising on efficacy. The packaging is also sustainable, with each product made from recyclable glass and aluminium, so once you’ve finished your tube or bottle, you don’t have the usual throwaway guilt. We recommend the Vitamin A Resurfacing Mask for those wanting to boost brightness gently. Another standout is their VitaSkin Vitamin C Day Cream. A lightweight, illuminating cream, this utilises the glow-giving benefits of vitamin C to improve the appearance of dullness, as well as age spots and hyperpigmentation. What’s more, omega oils gives skin an extra boost of hydration for a more supple and smooth appearance. 

Eco credentials: Each product is made from recyclable glass and aluminium; all ingredients are inspired by nature; the formulas are vegan.



The brand: Shampoo bars are soaring in popularity, and we’re always on the hunt for those which maintain that feeling of luxury and a good lather. Cue Ethique, which has a vast range of hard-working bars available, all of which wash both the body and hair. With sustainably sourced, natural active ingredients, they provide a thorough cleanse without stripping the skin or hair of any its essential moisture. Unlike other natural bars, they don’t leave hair lank or lifeless, either – in fact, they give a nice amount of volume and bounce without the use of palm oil, sulphates and parabens. Extra points for the compostable cardboard boxes everything is packaged in. We swear by their St Clements Shampoo Bar for a thorough, but gentle, cleanse. Formulated with lime and orange oils, it works to rid product build-up on your scalp and leave hair feeling softer and bouncier as a result. Keep a couple shower side so you're never without. 

Eco credentials: All products are 100% plastic-free; the brand are proudly certified carbon neutral; they donate 20% of all profits to charity; they only use natural ingredients, leaving out any palm oil, parabens and sulphates. 



The brand: Exclusive to Holland & Barrett, this brand was created with one simple concept in mind: to create go-to basics with a sustainable focus. From mouthwashes to toothpastes and shampoos, each product is pared-back, using minimal ingredients and recyclable packaging that’s kind to the environment. Despite the simple approach, the formulas are incredibly effective and gentle on skin – expect reliable results without breaking the bank. We love the Clean Me Tea Tree and Mint Shampoo which deeply cleanses the scalp, leaving it feeling refreshed, and hair much softer to touch. The addition of tea tree and ppermint stimulates, too, invigorating both your scalp and senses, while keeping strands looking and feeling healthy, too.

Eco credentials: All ingredients and formulas are vegan; the packaging is recyclable.



The brand: Meet no-nonsense brand, Q+A – which stands for questions and answers. Designed using recyclable packaging and 98% natural ingredients, the line contains buzz-worthy formulas at really affordable prices. The packaging also has easy-to-follow checklists, making it simple for you to build a savvy skincare routine. The entire line has been designed to take the guesswork out for you, while delivering tangible results at speed. Our favourite buy? The HA Facial Serum which is full of hydrating hyaluronic acid, delivering speedy moisture that goes the distance. Think of it like a drink of water for your skin. 

Eco credentials: Q+A is made and produced by a family-run business in Norfolk; their products are 98% natural; all the packaging is recyclable; the formulations are cruelty-free, with the majority of the range vegan-certified; you’ll also find they have a tree replantation scheme, which aims to offset the brand’s impact on the environment. 


Faith In Nature

The brand: Faith in Nature is one of the most affordable, sustainable brands on the market today, and now, you can purchase eco-friendly refills of their bestsellers to help cut back on waste, too. Their formulas look after skin by maintaining its natural protective oils, while also giving it a thorough cleanse and condition. Not to be missed when you do your next Holland & Barrett shop – especially if you want to make some easy, plant-friendly switches. Their Body Washes are some of the most popular, notably their Dragon Fruit formula which is made with 100% natural fragrance and essential oils, leaving behind a fresh, zesty smell on the skin. 

Eco credentials: Everything is 100% recyclable; they use naturally-derived ingredients; all fragrances are 100% natural (free of synthetics); they are vegan and cruelty-free, with the Leaping Bunny certified logo across their entire range.

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