The Skincare Gifts We’re Giving This Mother’s Day

The Skincare Gifts We’re Giving This Mother’s Day

The name Omorovicza is synonymous with intelligent skincare that’s both effective and indulgent. With options for every woman in your life, their cutting-edge formulas and rich, cosseting textures won’t disappoint this Mother’s Day. From the antioxidant-rich creams worth trying, to the do-it-all sets designed to streamline anybody’s routine, here are the best-selling buys worth the splurge…


Midnight Renewal, £140

Best For: Blurring The Appearance Of Fine Lines

Why It’s Worth It: A brand bestseller, this serum works best when left on the skin overnight. It uses retinal (a next-generation form of Vitamin A) to speed up cell turnover and stimulate collagen for more elasticity and bounce – plus, it has a very thin texture, which is lightweight, non-sticky and fast-absorbing. It’s a must-try for counteracting the effects stress has on the skin as well, thanks to added microalgae which is known to control the inflammatory issues cortisol can cause. Expect supple, firmer and smoother-looking skin with regular use.

Available here

Daily Vitamin C Serum, £99

Best For: Boosting Collagen & Smoothness

Why It’s Worth It: Vitamin C serums don’t get much better than this. Milky in texture, this lightweight formula delivers antioxidant-rich vitamins directly into the skin, feeding it with essential moisture. It also uses hyaluronic acid, watercress extract, zinc and niacinamide to protect against environmental aggressors, like pollution, and even out skin tone, helping to reduce the appearance of dark spots. No wonder it’s been dubbed a ‘powerhouse’ product. Ideal for anyone that wants a ‘does-it-all’ serum to streamline their routine.

Available here

Illumineye C Cream, £95

Best For: Brightening & Reducing Puffiness

Why It’s Worth It: Rich and luxurious, this powerful eye cream uses vitamins C, A and E to prevent hyperpigmentation from getting worse, while also brightening up any dullness, too. You only need a tiny amount, but you’ll feel how hydrating it is immediately, thanks to hyaluronic and polyglutamic acid – both of which pull water into the skin and lock it into the cells. Warm in your hands and apply it with your ring finger, gently pushing the formula around the entire eye area. While you won’t see results immediately, you’ll start to see a brighter, fresher-looking complexion in no time.

Available here

Silver Skin Saviour, £69

Best For: Dry, Problematic Skin

Why It’s Worth It: If you or a loved-one is looking for an acne-fighting treatment that also hydrates and brightens, check out this versatile cream from Omorovicza. Brimming with colloidal silver (an antibacterial ingredient) and soothing niacinamide, this rich cream works to refine skin over time. It gently exfoliates, as well, with salicylic acid, which works to improve pigmentation issues. Meanwhile, added glycolic acid also keeps pores free of dirt and bacteria for a smoother, softer surface after just a few weeks use. It’s an investment, but worth it for keeping skin clear, calm and supple.

Available here

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Looking For A Does-It-All Set? Check Out Omorovicza’s Mother’s Day Offering…

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