Georgia Day’s New-Season Beauty Resolutions
Georgia Day’s New-Season Beauty Resolutions

Georgia Day’s New-Season Beauty Resolutions

Forget January, autumn is SL beauty contributor Georgia Day’s favourite time to reset and refresh. That philosophy extends to her beauty routine, when chillier temperatures call for a switch up in everything from skincare to make-up. Here, she runs us through the changes she’s making this year…
By Georgia Day

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Upgrading My At-Home Regime

Once it starts to get colder and darker, I retreat inside, which means my at-home beauty regime expands. Although I’m no professional, I will give (most) things a go, including hair removal. No messy waxing kits here – my tool of choice is the sleek Bondi Body Laser @ Home IPL Hair Removal device. A faster, stronger and more effective update on the original, this permanently reduces unwanted hair but also combines it with skin rejuvenation, so it blurs pigmentation and imperfections along the way. I’ve only used it on my legs so far (there’s a definite sensation but it’s not really painful) but it can also treat facial hair.

As for the hair on my head, L’Oréal Paris’s new Magic Retouch Permanent has me covered in between salon sessions. The new tints feature two applicators for better precision and one round is all you need to cover greys for up to four weeks. I’m impressed so far. Finally, in a bid to add some zen to my life, I shall, from here on in, be scenting every beauty ritual (hair removal included) with the Cosmoss Sacred Mist – the star of Kate Moss’s new wellness range. Its oak moss, cedarwood and jasmine blend is soothing and grounding, making it the perfect background for my beauty rituals.


Going Back To Basics

As well as indulging in some new hi-tech devices, I plan to embrace the simpler things. Case in point, CeraVe’s Hydrating Bar Cleanser. It may look like an ordinary bar of soap but it’s so much more, with cushioning ceramides to help restore skin barrier function and hyaluronic acid for long-lasting hydration. In terms of sustainability, it ticks all the boxes: less packaging means less waste, it’ll last for ages – plus, I also use it on my body to make the most of it. Talking of multitasking, I’ve discovered La Roche Posay’s Cicaplast B5 Spray which helps to calm any kind of redness and irritation. Use it on everything from windburn and nappy rash to post-laser inflammation and wonder how you ever lived without it. 


Giving My Cleaning Regime A Makeover

This autumn I’m planning on being as fastidious with my cleaning as I am with my cleansing. Before you think I’ve lost the plot, the creative geniuses at Diptyque have made it possible to inject as much sophistication and beauty into your home cleaning routine as you would your bath, body or skincare regime. The La Droguerie range is an eco-friendly collection of household products that combines pretty with practical. Given my addiction to scented candles, I’m obviously obsessed with the Odour-Removing Candle which doesn’t just mask heavy cooking smells but eliminates and replaces them with the herbal tang of basil. I should also mention the chic Multi-Surface Cleaner with Vinegar which is a real upgrade thanks to its fig tree, lavender and cedar scent that rivals some of my favourite high-end fragrances. Do we think it’s acceptable to spritz onto pulse points? Asking for a friend…


Working On My Skin Tone

Despite being religious about wearing SPF50, there’s no escaping the fact I have more pigmentation post-summer. I’m determined to improve the look of my skin for party season and I think I’ve found something that promises to do just that. Votary’s Daily Apple Toner contains malic and lactic acids, as well as liquorice extract, to gently refine and even skin, but you don’t need to compromise on hydration either, thanks to plenty of plumping glycerin. The standout ingredient, however, is prebiotic inulin which helps rebalance your skin’s microbiome and keep your precious skin barrier intact, which is so important as we head into winter. I’ve also been trying Sisley’s new Exfoliating Enzyme Mask in a bid to brighten things up. It’s full of fruit acids which slough away dead cells to help impart radiance, but best of all it only takes one minute, so even the most harried and hurried can get an instant glow boost.


Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

I rarely stray beyond a classic red or nude when it comes to my lipstick. But this season I’m determined to be more playful and it helps that several new shades have landed on my desk recently, all hues I wouldn’t normally wear. Byredo’s gorgeous new Liquid Lipstick Vinyls have been created by make-up artist Lucia Pica who is known for her love of a fierce lip. Although the collection comprises ten nudes, they’re far more interesting than the title suggests. Liquid Pride looks peachy in the tube but is more of a terracotta orange on and, although not something I would usually wear, I love how fresh it looks. It also helps that the formula goes on like silk. 

For days when I want colour without the commitment, I’m loving Monika Blunder’s Lipstick Crayons. Magdalena, a rich brick-red, is my go-to. And finally, a word on La Perla’s range of matte silk lipsticks. Who knew a lingerie brand could make such beautiful formulas? I’ve taken to wearing Tiramisu Red, (in reality more of a dusty cocoa) and find the colour really suits my olive complexion.


Starting A New Night-Time Regime 

Now that the weather is changing, my skin is starting to need some extra help with brightness, hydration and fine lines. I’ve just started using a trio of excellent products in the evening and I haven’t been this impressed this quickly in a long time. First up is Decléor’s Green Mandarin Aromaplastie Glow Booster Mask, which is full of vitamins C, G and E, as well as omega fatty acids and a blend of cereals for gentle exfoliation. Next is Soho Skin’s clever 24/7 Treatment, my favourite from the new collection. A lightweight serum that you leave on overnight, the formula is full on (think lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, magnesium and a natural ferment) but has everything you need to wake up with skin that looks polished, more even and infinitely brighter than before you went to bed. The final pillar is Dr Barbara Sturm’s new Super Anti-Ageing Night Cream, which is designed to stimulate collagen and support the skin barrier’s restoration as you sleep, as well as hydrate it and prevent overnight water loss (thanks to polyglutamic acid). I fell in love with it after it virtually erased all signs of a very late night with far too many cocktails.

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